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Use the free FLEX Mobile app for Autosoft FLEX F&I so you never have to find out.

Your customers have some pretty high expectations. They want a quick, efficient shopping experience and a great deal.

With the right tools, like the FLEX Mobile app for Autosoft FLEX F&I, you can give them what they want and never worry about what they’re doing (like getting a quote from your competitor). Just take your phone or tablet, stay with your customer, and close that deal.

Not using the free FLEX Mobile app yet? Discover what you can do on the go with this app:

  • Log a new customer or update an existing one by scanning their driver’s license.
  • Check inventory and quickly present in-stock options with vehicle photos and details.
  • Search customer records to recall existing details and avoid creating duplicate entries.
  • Use Fuel Comparison to show savings compared to the trade vehicle.
  • Present payments with a quick payment estimator, or create a deal including all your optional products, plus taxes and fees.
  • Access your FLEX Mobile deals instantly from your desktop to finish up the paperwork.
  • There you have it! You can provide a quick, efficient experience and a great deal for your customers—and yourself—without ever leaving a customer’s side.

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Not using Autosoft’s FLEX F&I solution?
No problem. Call 844.888.8200 or request an Autosoft FLEX F&I Demo for all the details.


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Michael White

About Michael White

Michael White, Sales Engineer at Autosoft DMS, has been with Autosoft for over six years as a Sales Engineer, demonstrating…

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