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Maximize profit with actionable insights

Guesswork won’t get you through downturns in the auto industry. Autosoft Go’s actionable analytics help franchise dealers maximize profits — during good and bad markets.

  • Optimize inventory decisions with historical data and pricing tools
  • Create new revenue streams with data that helps your sales and service teams cross-sell

Ease growing pains with onboarding support

Franchise dealerships grow fast, which means you’re constantly bringing new hires up to speed. Autosoft’s training resources help streamline onboarding so you can quickly optimize utilization for new employees.

  • Access customized, role-based training 
  • Learn from the experts with Autosoft University

Eliminate dealer group silos

DMS systems often disconnect insights and communication methods across your stores — but not Autosoft Go. We connect your teams with in-platform communication and allow you to access insights from any store, from anywhere. 

  • Take advantage of a cloud-based platform and view Autosoft Go on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Give employees the tools they need to collaborate with built-in chat capabilities

Simplify success with unified capabilities

Franchise dealers often grow at a rate their legacy DMS can’t keep up with. Autosoft Go unifies all the tools franchise dealers need under one platform — making it easy to connect data across locations, optimize decision-making and stay ahead of the fast-moving auto market.

Inventory Management

Every local market is unique, so your inventory decisions may be different across locations. Autosoft Go’s Inventory Management builds pricing, appraisal and market data into your DMS, making it easy to pick the right vehicles for each of your stores.

With tools like Vehicle Desirability and Market Analysis, you can see how similar vehicles have performed at your franchise dealership and make profitable pricing and stocking decisions. And you can do it all without opening a second tab.

  • Market Analysis
  • Auction Run List
  • Vehicle Desirability
  • Pricing Review


In today’s digital world, your website is the door to your dealership. From web performance integrations to built-in tools, Autosoft Go marketing capabilities help you seamlessly move website leads into your sales funnel and ensure you make a good impression on every prospective customer.


Your sales team has a lot on their plates — your DMS shouldn’t make their jobs more difficult. With smart alerts, real-time desking and documentation of every customer interaction, Autosoft Go helps your sales team never miss an insight and build the perfect deal for every customer.

  • Desking
  • F&I
  • Dashboards


Complex accounting tasks are a thing of the past with Autosoft Go. By building accounting tools into your platform, we eliminate data rekeying and simplify monthly reporting, compliance and administrative responsibilities.

  • Payables + Receivables
  • Compliance
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Payroll


For many large dealerships, service is key to recurring revenue — but dealership software often leaves service departments behind. Autosoft Go helps turn your fixed operations into even more of a gold mine by empowering service teams to run at full efficiency and build better customer relationships

With in-platform communication tools, technicians can build trust with customers by keeping them informed. Additionally, MPI technology helps techs identify new sales opportunities and cross-sell your services.

  • Shop Management
  • Total Parts Management
  • Technician Productivity Tools
  • In-Platform Communication

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