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Seeking Qualified Technicians:
How to Recruit (and Retain) Talent

Discover what is causing the talent shortage, where to find all the talent, and how to recruit and retain qualified technicians


Seeking Qualified Technicians: How to Recruit (and Retain) Talent

Inside this whitepaper, discover what is causing the talent shortage, where to find all the talent, and how to recruit…

General| 11/27/18

Know Your Buyers and Win Their Business

Buyer personas are general profiles of your customers, or “types,” that outline their common behaviors, expectations, and concerns to help…

CRM/Sales| 09/26/18

4 Steps to Tackle the Pain of Changing Software

The pain of change, whether in the status of a personal relationship, with a healthcare provider, or with a business…

General| 08/13/18

8 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Customer’s Service Experience

The revenue from parts and service is the true lifeline of many dealerships. What do consumers look for when choosing…

General| 06/14/18

The BDC Puzzle

What is the most puzzling, inconsistent, and frustrating process at a dealership? Many say it’s the function of the Business…

General| 05/03/18

Choosing the Right Solution: On-Premise vs. Hosted

osted solutions, those that run on the Internet instead of locally on your computer, are becoming more and more popular…

General| 02/14/18

The Automotive Retail Industry Continues to Evolve

2017 was a year of innovation and change for the automotive retail industry. From increased adoption of the internet retail…

General| 01/19/18

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Impact on Dealerships

On December 21, more than one hundred automobile, construction equipment, and agricultural equipment dealers across the country tuned in to…

General| 01/09/18

The Ongoing Technology Evolution of Dealership Inventory Management

Managing inventory effectively has always been a challenge for dealerships—both franchised and independent. Done well, it can unlock tremendous front-end…

General| 12/11/17

Compliance and the Dealership in 2018

Embrace compliance and prepare your dealership for the new year with a focus on the 8 essential compliance areas outlined…

General| 11/06/17

How to Give Each Generation the Best Dealership Experience

Today, vehicle shopping starts online, and if you’re considered the best retail option, only then will customers head over to…

General| 09/12/17

What Truly Matters to Your Customers?

Be ready to quickly get to know each individual that walks through your doors and be able to work with…

General| 07/10/17

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