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Make an impact with actionable insights

What’s the point of data you can’t turn into results? Autosoft provides actionable analytics, so you can understand what your dealership needs and apply changes that deliver results.

  • Receive alerts when action is required in your sales or service departments
  • Use color-coded visuals to quickly make decisions based on historical data

Access trustworthy, real-time data

Last year’s insights aren’t enough to make today’s decisions. We put data timeliness and accuracy first, so you get real-time insights that make an impact. 

  • Track real-time market data and make profitable inventory decisions
  • Optimize utilization with real-time shop and technician dashboards

Democratize data across departments

Gone are the days when your sales team was the only department that needed access to dealership analytics. Autosoft breaks down insights across departments, locations and stores, making data more inclusive and usable, no matter the team.

Put DMS analytics to work

Legacy dealership software often buries useful analytics and makes it difficult to effect change. Autosoft makes analytics more accessible and actionable, so you benefit from more efficient fixed operations, better inventory decisions and streamlined administrative tasks. 

Autosoft Go platform showing sales bar graph with employee KPIs

Sales dashboards

Don’t let complicated DMS analytics bog down your sales department. With Autosoft Go, your sales team can easily access the tools they need to satisfy customers and maximize profit. 

Autosoft analytics dashboards enable your team to easily track KPIs, uncover cross-selling opportunities and apply a unit to any deal, from any device. And with real-time desking, your sales team can quickly complete deals by instantly referencing past purchase history, photos and customer preferences.

Autosoft Go platform showing market analysis percentages and vehicle insights

Market Analysis

Too often, dealerships miss out on great opportunities because their analytics fall behind the market. The Market Analysis tool enables dealerships to track trends in local markets using real-time retail data. The result? You stay on top of market changes and make better investments for your dealership.

Autosoft Go dashboard for Hermitage Auto Group showing vehicle desirability scores

Vehicle Desirability

Your customers’ needs are unique, so you can’t depend on run-of-the-mill insights to make inventory decisions. 

The Vehicle Desirability tool shows you how vehicles in a two-year range and of a similar make and model perform at your dealership. By providing color-coded visuals and a custom-weighted score, Vehicle Desirability helps you quickly make decisions that work for your business.

Autosoft Go platform showing accounting reports and sales statistics

Accounting reports

Say goodbye to disconnected accounting tools. We tie accounting analytics in with your Autosoft platform so you can easily monitor revenue, profit and cash flow while simplifying compliance and reporting.


  • View payables and receivables
  • Monitor compliance
  • Access end-of-the-month reports
Autosoft Go platform showing prices for different vehicle parts next to a car

Parts inventory management

Spending money on parts you don’t need? With Autosoft, you gain complete visibility into your inventory parts and pricing, allowing you to decrease business expenses while keeping necessary parts in stock.

Autosoft Go platform shop dashboard showing used inventory insights

Shop dashboards

Keep your service bays efficient with Autosoft shop and technician management tools. Autosoft digital ROs help you track technician productivity and identify issues before they escalate. And our built-in digital scheduling tool allows you to view shop appointments at a glance and eliminate over- and underbooking.


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