Protect Your Car Dealership with Advanced DMS Security System

DMS Security That Exceeds Today’s Market Demands

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single source of truth for data consolidation



FTC-compliant layers of security


Improve data integrity

Autosoft’s DMS platform was designed with security as a critical priority. Can your current DMS say the same? With industry best-practice enhanced data encryption, you can improve the integrity of your data and better earn customer trust.

Know who has access to your information

It’s crucial that you know what eyes are on your data. Navigate your day with confidence knowing that your workflow is protected from harmful cyberattacks with best-in-class permission features to give you peace of mind.

Secure vulnerable customer and dealership data

In the digital world, sensitive login information can easily fall into the wrong hands. Protect your dealership with MFA – the gold standard for overall platform security (coming soon).

DMS Security Built for the Future Ahead

Heightened security controls provide greater confidence in day-to-day business practices and offer added layers of security to protect dealerships from devastating, costly and irrecoverable business losses.

Autosoft is #1 in security risk management maturity when compared to our competitive peers, according to UpGuard’s security risk assessment*. We’re proud to beat the industry average by over 100 points to achieve an ‘A’ rating.

*Data as of January 2022 UpGuard security analysis

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Role-based access control

Manage who has access to your most vulnerable data through permission-based roles. By setting permissions on the role level, you can make sure that each employee has just the right access to only the information that they need.

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IP-based permissions

Just because your team is on the move doesn’t mean your data has to be. Set up IP address filtering to determine where your data can and can’t be accessed.

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

To help prevent cyber threats, Autosoft’s MFA prompts dealership users to periodically verify their identity through one-time passcodes and SMS verification.

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Data redundancy

Your DMS is the central hub of your dealership and should be reinforced with added layers of protection. Data redundancy provides a back-up copy of DMS data so that your dealership can continue operations in the event of a loss. What’s your current DMS back up plan?


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