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Keep service bays full

If your current vehicle service software decelerates productivity, it’s time for a change. Maintain high yield and track technician time and efficiency with Autosoft’s digital repair orders.

  • Create repair orders from one single location
  • Easily manage all service appointments in a calendar view

Strengthen customer trust and loyalty

With Go, employees can call, text and email customers directly from the DMS to notify customers of vehicle progress and eliminate guessing games.

  • Send invoice copies and detailed quotes directly to customers
  • Provide PDF invoices, service reminders and CSI survey follow-ups to keep sentiments positive

Convenient features for customers and teams

Service customers identify convenience as a top priority when choosing where to complete repair work. Start at the top to allow convenience to trickle down to the customer level.

  • Securely work from any device to meet customers where they are

Produce higher results with greater insights

Every service appointment is an opportunity to create a life-long customer. Combine historical data with features that prioritize communication and efficiency and you have yourself a winning combination.

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Appointment setting

Go’s simplified calendar view lets the service department easily set new appointments and eliminate under and over-bookings.

vehicle service software


Whether the customer is on the go or in the customer lounge, advisors and techs can easily communicate to keep them up to date on their vehicle’s progress via integrated text, email and phone calls.

With built-in communication, you can view any previously declined services to note for future appointment recommendations and browse completed work to understand vehicle history.

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RO management

Say goodbye to managing a repair order out of multiple auto repair software windows. With Go, advisors can seamlessly create and manage an RO from one single location. Additionally, with QuickLines, you can estimate parts, labor, duration and capacity at the touch of a button.


  • Manually add parts directly to the RO
  • Easily access a vehicle’s service history

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vehicle service software

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