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Leverage technology for competitive growth

Your customers rely heavily on technology for vehicle research – shouldn’t your dealership do the same? Autosoft makes it easy to transition software with award-winning support teams and intuitive learning built into the platform.

  • Make daily workflows like closing out the month as easy as a single click
  • Access Autosoft Go from anywhere and on any device with our cloud-based platform

Keep teams aligned

Transferring information and getting quick answers comes easy with Autosoft Go. In-app chat tools keep your dealership employees on the same page while custom department and user-based dashboards keep goals top of mind.

  • Communicate across departments with dealership in-app chat
  • Convert static reports into dynamic dashboards to view trends and identify action items

Make smart inventory decisions with reliable insights

When uncertainty in the market is so high, dealerships need a reliable source to guide them through important decisions so that they can remain highly profitable and endure volatile market conditions. Autosoft Go combines all the actionable data your dealership needs into one single source of truth.

  • Use weighted scores to see how comparable vehicles perform at your dealership
  • View real-time auction run lists on one screen

Consolidate processes for increased return

Independent dealers understand the need to move with the market. Access to quick, actionable insights is more important than ever. Is your current dealer management software equipped to keep up? Autosoft Go harnesses your own data so that you can make the most impactful decisions.

Inventory Management

Go allows you to better understand how used vehicles are selling in your specific market, so that you can be armed with the data you need to make wise buying decisions. An added perk? You only need to remember one username and password since Autosoft operates on a single platform. By utilizing real-time market data, your dealership can make smart and profitable stock and pricing decisions.

  • Market analysis
  • Auction run list
  • Vehicle desirability
  • Pricing review


Go elevates sales teams to make more meaningful customer connections and decisions when it comes to managing their book of business. Real-time notifications and customer-centric workflows let your team keep their focus where it should be – on your customers.

  • Desking
  • F&I
  • Dashboards


Don’t let manual data entry and processes steal valuable time away from your accounting teams. Autosoft Go keeps finance employees productive with automated transactions and modern workflows that prioritize real-time transactions and putting time back into their day.

  • Payables + Receivables
  • Compliance
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Payroll


Autosoft go makes it easy to train and retain top technician and advisor talent by providing resources that make it easier for service departments to succeed. Hands on support, in-platform communication tools and tech to expertly schedule and monitor ROs, means your team can secure revenue and nurture lifelong customers.

  • Shop Management
  • Total Parts Management
  • Technician Productivity Tools
  • In-Platform Communication

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