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Save time on a single platform

Autosoft Go is your dealership’s single source of truth. With real-time access to inventory and open ROs all within the platform, your team knocks time off desking deals and providing quotes to customers from an auto dealer CRM that does it all.

  • Expedite sales processes by viewing desking, menus and F&I without relying on additional platforms
  • Chat with other dealership employees on quick deal questions

Generate loyal customers through convenient buying experiences

Today’s shoppers want quick and easy buying experiences. Long gone are the days of spending an entire day at the dealership. Impress customers with quick quoting and meaningful communication that they’ll be sure to tell others about.

  • Meet your customers where they are with cloud-based access on your desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Provide multiple purchasing scenarios so that your customers know their buying power up-front

Mine your own dealership data

It’s said that you’re only as good as your data. Autosoft Go puts dealership data front and center so sales departments can make the most informed decisions and develop data-driven sales processes.

  • Customize dashboards and reporting to get the high-level or ultra-granular insights you want
  • See all customer communication, vehicle history and related contacts in a single view to tailor customer conversations

Work deals with lightning speed

A profitable CRM should make the lives of your sales team easier, not more difficult. Autosoft Go ties your moving departmental tasks together, so your most gainful employees can spend more time chasing closes and less time bogged down with monotonous CRM tasks and processes that are hard to stick to. Imagine what your team could do more of their week spent focused on building business acumen and sales know-how. 


Re-keying data is a practice of the past. On the Go platform, deal figures roll automatically and units can be located, cost out and applied to a deal in just a matter of seconds.


  • Multiple desking options
  • Integrated taxes
  • Multiple loan types
  • Scenario Builder
  • Compliance price caps
  • Provider specific e-contracting
  • Real-time e-rating

Customer management

Starting with initial vehicle research and ending with vehicle delivery, your customers dedicate a lot of time to the car buying process. Reward them with personalized experiences that demonstrate the value of their business.


  • Email open insights
  • In-app communication features
  • Templated emails and text messages


Autosoft Go removes the obstacles that drag teams down with redundant workflows that steal energy from the task at hand. Close more deals and extract maximum profit with fewer steps, keystrokes and screens.


  • Responsive design
  • Consolidated history
  • Streamlined, click-to-curb workflow
  • Customizable reporting and dashboards

Third-party integrations for uncomplicated desking

Autosoft partners with Motive Retail to bring dealerships access to over 200 third-party integrations to support credit checks, virtual retailing, financing and countless other desking necessities.


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