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Did you know you can scan drivers’ licenses right from your mobile device? With FLEX Mobile, the app for Autosoft’s Sales and F&I, you can.

When you’re ready for a test drive, don’t leave your customer behind to make a copy of their license, just scan the I.D. with your phone or tablet and get going. As a bonus, you can add a customer right from the scan, eliminating extra steps and saving time in your desking process.

But driver’s license scanning isn’t the only feature that helps you stay connected. FLEX Mobile also includes your fully-functional vehicle inventory and customer modules, a quick payment estimator, integrated customer support, and, perhaps best of all, complete desking functionality. This on-the-go access to Autosoft Sales and F&I means you can stay with your customer throughout the entire sales process—never losing that connection.

Do you want Autosoft Sales and F&I in the palm of your hand? Download the app from your favorite app store.



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