Autosoft’s FLEX F&I gives you the ability to control your entire sales process in one place. You can discover a customer’s lifetime sales value, determine referral patterns, and distribute multiple commissions at once, all with ease, speed, and security from virtually any Internet-enabled device.

When you choose Autosoft’s FLEX F&I for your dealership, you get all the benefits of an advanced F&I solution, including these top 5 features:

  1. Powerful Tools: We have the tools you need to close your deals quickly and profitably while meeting your customers’ needs and budgets.
    • With Deal Tools, you can compare up to four different deal scenarios simultaneously, demonstrate true cost of ownership with the fuel comparison tool, and roll the customer’s desired payment into your vehicle inventory and sort based on gross profit to arrive at a vehicle that meets your customer’s needs while maximizing your profits.
    • Boost aftermarket product sales with Menu Selling, a fully customizable menu selling system. You can present optional products and product packages side by side, compare adjusted monthly payments easily (Menu Selling automatically calculates the new payment with the added options), and print the acceptance letter (including disclosure of declined services) to maintain compliance with federal regulations.
  2. Mobile Access: The FLEX Mobile app puts FLEX F&I in the palm of your hand. With this app, you can:
    • Add customers and vehicles on the go
    • Scan drivers’ licenses from your mobile phone or tablet
    • Desk an entire deal, wherever you are
  3. Easy to Use Features: FLEX F&I is an Internet-based platform that’s easy to navigate with logical screen flows.
  4. Cutting-edge Technology: Enjoy a fresh look and enhanced features with the latest FLEX F&I Update, coming soon. All-new features will include:
    • An upgraded interactive dashboard that gives you at-a-glance business intelligence
    • An alerts center that can notify you when deals close, when certain customers are at your dealership, and more
    • Chat and messaging features that help your employees collaborate to deliver the best service for every customer
    • An enhanced customer module with easier and more powerful search options and new quick-look cards to get the most important information quickly
    • Expanded vehicle descriptive data (and VIN decode), vehicle inventory quick-look cards, and created dashboards showing inventory aging and statuses
  5. Peace of Mind: Since FLEX F&I uses a SaaS platform, your F&I data is automatically backed up to secure cloud storage on a continual basis.


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