Meet Two Common Auto Buyers and Win Their Business

First, what do we mean by “common auto buyers” and why are they important for your dealership?

We’re talking about buyer personas. Buyer personas are general profiles of your customers, or “types,” that outline your customers’ common behaviors, expectations, and concerns and can help you understand how to handle their needs and win their business.

Once you can identify your buyers’ personas, you’ll be able to address their concerns quicker and anticipate their shopping behaviors. You’ll be able to craft your messaging and selling techniques around their personas for better engagement to ultimately develop trusting relationships, win more sales, and earn repeat customers.

Let’s meet two common buyer personas.

Logical Leah

Data is extremely important to Logical Leah. When you speak with her, back up your claims with the hard facts. You’ll earn her trust quicker that way. Be sure to let her process the data and don’t push too hard in the beginning.

Logical Leah might also look for feedback from her friends and family and evaluate your information closely to make sure your option is reasonable. Be sure you follow the rules and keep your offer fair to win over Logical Leah.

According to the Car Buyer Journey 2018 study, 1 in 3 vehicle buyers know the exact make and model they want to purchase before entering the dealership.1 Logical Leah will most likely have researched the exact make and model, plus the price and package she wants, so be ready to find the exact match for her needs.

If you have financing or other forms on your website, she’ll most likely fill them out and arrive at your dealership with them in hand.

Technology Tim

Technology Tim is interested in anything new and innovative. He stays up to date with the hottest technology products in the market and knows how to adapt to them. Keep in mind, he is also willing to pay more to have them.

He likes to do things differently, so if you have new processes and techniques, let Technology Tim try them out first. He’ll give you input and share his views.

Technology Tim is also a forward thinker and will want to know how different decisions will benefit him in the future.

Once you complete a deal with Technology Tim, be sure to keep his information close by. He likes to upgrade his vehicles often, so when you get a new model, give him a call and ask if he wants to test drive it. When he arrives, make sure you know the vehicle’s latest features and be ready to sell it to him.

Use Your DMS to Identify Buyers

Technology can also help you identify your buyers. For example, Autosoft’s Sales and F&I product gives you historical data from past and present customers. You can view their purchase history and know if you’re talking to a loyal customer, a new one, or a lost customer you need to recapture. With this kind of technology, transaction times are faster since you can understand customers’ past issues and spending habits in an instant.

Understanding your buyers will lead to better customer experiences and, ultimately, boost your bottom line with more wins for your business.

To meet three more common auto buyers, download the free whitepaper, “Know Your Buyers and Win Their Business.”

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