GM Dealers: Are You Ready for PASE?

Earn Rewards With GM PASE

General Motors (GM) is launching a new incentive program, Parts and Service Excellence (PASE), this April 2018 and we want to help you meet the requirements for this rewarding program.

GM PASE requires integration between Autosoft Service Schedule and the GM Online Service Scheduling (OSS) application.

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To reap the rewards of this new incentive program, follow these steps:

Step 1. Upgrade to Autosoft Service Schedule

If you’re not already using Autosoft Service Schedule, it’s time for an upgrade.

Autosoft Service Schedule is a quick scheduler that you can use to schedule appointments from any repair order screen in Autosoft DMS, create a prewrite at the time of scheduling, and pull a prewrite to a repair order when the customer arrives for service. Explore features in depth in this Accelerator article.

If you’re ready to upgrade from Autosoft’s Schedule Xpress, click here to learn how. If you’re ready to trade in your third-party scheduler for this superior in-DMS option, call Fixed Operations Support at 800.473.4630, option 1, then option 2.

Step 2. Get GM OSS

If you don’t already have GM OSS, consider all the benefits of using this new online service scheduling application from GM Certified Service.

It’s packed with features and benefits for both you and your customers.

For your customers, GM OSS simplifies the service process by allowing them to do all of the following online:

  • Secure an appointment time
  • Select a desired service advisor
  • Understand transportation options
  • Identify desired services
  • Modify their appointment

GM OSS promotes a consistent experience that drives simplicity and improves customer satisfaction. For you, the dealer, GM OSS:

  • Offers and books available appointment times
  • Provides appointment access to Service Advisors
  • Pushes appointments from GM systems to your DMS
  • Integrates with Service Workbench

Step 3. Enroll in Integration

Fill out the GM OSS Integration Enrollment form here and click “Submit.”

When you receive your follow-up email, be sure to follow the three “Steps to request GM Online Service Scheduling” outlined in the PDF attachment from GM before your integration onboarding with Autosoft. We will contact you when we’re ready to begin onboarding.

Step 4. Make Sure You’re on the Latest Version of Autosoft DMS 

Download the latest software release for Autosoft DMS before your onboarding begins.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at 800.473.4630 option 1, then option 6 or via email at [email protected].


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