AutoSoft Service Schedule: Improved Quick Scheduler

If you’re still using Schedule Xpress, you’re missing out on the enhanced performance capabilities of Service Schedule.

Have you upgraded to Service Schedule yet?

This more powerful Service Schedule allows you to schedule appointments from any repair order screen in the Service application, create a prewrite at the time of scheduling, and pull a prewrite to a repair order when the customer arrives for service.

With Service Schedule, you get features such as:

  • Optional automatic schedule blocking based on the quoted service time
  • Real-time third-party integration with Autosoft Connect partners**
  • A configurable display—label each column based on custom columns and/or technicians

To start using Service Schedule in your Service department, you’ll need to run a quick one-time conversion from Schedule Xpress.*

Step 1: Decide whether you will perform the conversion yourself for free (no conversion fees), or request a one-hour step-by-step support session from our experts at a reasonable charge.

Step 2: Whether performing your own conversion or opting for expert help, contact Fixed Operations Support at 800.473.4630—option 1, then option 2—to get your password for conversion.

Step 3: Review the conversion videos and documents by clicking the “Service Schedule Conversion Resources” link on your Autosoft News Feed inside the DMS. Decide which display setup you’d prefer for Service Schedule and get next steps for conversion. (You will need to choose your setup before converting, as you will be unable to change the display once you’ve begun.)

Step 4: Follow the directions in the videos and documents to complete your conversion.

*Please note, once you’ve completed the conversion, you cannot return to Schedule Xpress or choose a different display setup. You will be fully transferred to Service Schedule and will be unable to reverse the process.
**Are you a GM dealership looking to integrate Autosoft Service Schedule with GM OSS to take advantage of GM’s PASE incentive program? If so, please complete and submit this form to get started.


Bryce Veon

Bryce Veon

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Bryce Veon

Bryce Veon

About Bryce Veon

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