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As a leader in automotive retailing, you know your business VERY well. You know the market. You know the numbers. You know OEM requirements. You know where you’ve come from. And, you know exactly where you want to go. But, how well do you know your DMS provider?

Here’s one thing you should know: your DMS is either a key to your success or the catalyst to your failure. Whether we are already your partner in business or you’re considering a switch, we want to help you get to know us.

Our Vision for Your Success 

Since our founding over 25 years ago, Autosoft has been helping others improve and succeed with alternative solutions driven by the market. We were built by dealers and believe there’s still a better way to do business and an opportunity to deliver better technology and services. That’s why we take advice and input from people just like you, people who know how a dealership should run, to help us build the best software. This kind of collaborative spirit exemplifies the value we place on our dealer relationships and demonstrates the trust we have earned.

That history of collaboration has given us a clear vision. Autosoft will always:

  • Create a platform with the flexibility that’s important to you and to us, allowing you to adapt to changing market conditions. We give you the ability to flex up and down with our solutions based on how your business or the market is performing.
  • Provide transparent and open pricing. You can turn functionality on and off, or move into the product tier that fits your business needs the best. If you’re not successful, we’re not successful.
  • Create a better experience between your dealership and your customers. The retail experience is changing fast, and we give you the tools to adapt and deliver exceptional experiences for your customers. Our job is to make you look good. So, our mobile apps and the mobility of our product allow you to do business anywhere, anytime, any way you need to.

Focus Where It Needs to Be

The DMS is the core of your business and remains our entire focus. We will redefine DMS by building a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that will include our native mobile app, collaboration and texting, CRM/CEM, and dealership websites on a single, unified database.

We focus on you, our customers, like no other DMS provider because we are not controlled by outside investors. We decide our strategy. We decide our profit margin. We decide our customer focus. Without shareholders and investors to satisfy, we operate at a lower cost and provide more value while staying financially solid with little to no debt.

What does this focus mean to you? You get the technology you need, in one place, when you need it, from a company you trust. Our size, customer relationships, and financial freedom make us extremely nimble, recognizing the changes in the market and adapting the product as needed.

Autosoft: Highest Rated DMS, Three Years in a Row

Innovation That Beats the Rest

Intuitive. Modern. Few people would use those words to describe a DMS. For years, the industry has been stagnant, churning out old technology made of separate systems that don’t work well together. Now is the time for an alternative solution with a lower cost, better service, and new technology. Autosoft will be the first to provide the SaaS platform that includes everything in one DMS, including mobile at every step.  Not only will the software be remarkably efficient, but it will bring customer experience to the forefront. You will be able to engage people in a different way, providing a new level of customer service that turns prospects into customers and one-time customers into loyal customers.

We are committed to making this new platform easy to use and easy to learn. Imagine a single user interface design that is consistent across all areas of the business and so much like the technology you use in your daily life that learning how to use it will be fast and easy.

Committed to Affordability

The best technology is useless if you can’t afford it. We remain staunch in our commitment to provide an affordable solution that allows you to allocate your resources elsewhere. Affordability gives you freedom to build your business without the weight of a crushing monthly payment or restrictive contracts. The efficiency our platform brings to your business will result in improvements across every area. Instead of stressing over your bill and providing subpar customer experiences, you could be choosing how and where to spend the extra time and money while your customers glide seamlessly through the buying process.

Do You Know Your Partners?

It’s time for you to know your technology partners. Be careful who you choose. You could end up in a relationship with a slow moving giant who is really committed to someone else. Or you could join forces with a flexible, dealer-focused partner who is investing in product ideation and leadership by employing some of the most talented people in the industry. You could choose a provider whose talented people are creating breakthrough products that will speed processes and make customers—yours and ours—happier.  You could choose Autosoft.


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