Managing a balance sheet has always come with challenges, but dealership cost control is growing increasingly complicated.

Over the past year, approximately 150 Cadillac dealers left their franchise to avoid OEM mandate costs and more than 300 dealerships changed hands due to concern over potential capital gains tax increases.

Keeping up with OEM mandates and a possible capital gains tax hike requires greater vendor scrutiny and expense oversight. For many dealerships, their DMS only compounds these challenges with expensive and unnecessary integration charges.

The pitfalls of a decentralized DMS

Three or more software solutions add cost and further complicate the management of your dealership.  Dealerships that rely on multiple DMSs face several challenges, including:

  • Low visibility: Accessing necessary data can become a hassle.
  • Rekeying data: Data reentry tasks take your employees away from customers.
  • Low flexibility: Incorporating data into dealership operations is more challenging.

Today’s dealerships need versatility that saves money while consolidating applications. That’s where a centralized DMS enters the picture.

Streamline dealership operations and reduce costs with a centralized DMS

You can reduce spending and increase operational efficiency by integrating third-party capabilities into your DMS. Our intuitive system supports streamlined sales and F&I processes, prioritizing customer experience with seamless workflows and centralized data. Autosoft DMS provides you with:

  • The ability to ensure your team is on the same page with automated alerts.
  • Automatic deal figures — you never have to rekey data to get the deal done.
  • Complete visibility into profit leaks and performance trends.
  • Menus that can be customized and updated with optimal products and pricing.

Autosoft is the comprehensive solution that helps our partners navigate industry uncertainty. In addition to Sales and F&I, Autosoft offers inventory management and customer communications solutions that streamline processes, save time, and increase profitability.

If you’re a dealer feeling trapped in a contract with your current DMS provider, let’s talk about your options. Schedule a conversation with an Autosoft expert today.

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Autosoft, Our innovative Dealer Management System (DMS) technology empowers automotive dealers to operate from anywhere and access all the data they need – all in one place. Unifying sales, service, parts, accounting, inventory management and more, Autosoft provides dealerships with the data and workflows they need to make informed decisions, maximize ROI and gain customer loyalty. Autosoft serves over 2,000 dealerships and maintains 35+ OEM certifications.

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