You may not realize it, but are you aware that you can use your logo to increase leads and sales? Well it’s true! You may be shaking your head at this point wondering how your logo can help you close more sales, but if you really think about it, your logo is an essential part of your branding. By making your brand more memorable and keeping your brand top-of-mind you’ll be quickly be on your way to creating subconscious sales. Studies by Schreber & Associates show that 39% of people who received a product with a custom logo were able to recognize the name of that company 6 months later. This number went up to 88% for those viewing an item specifically related to the industry. Think dealership advertising on an auto-specific item. Another study by Baylor University showed these types of products increased sales by 22%.

There are multiple dealership items you already use every day. If you’re not customizing them with your logo, phone number, website address, or slogan, you’re doing yourself a misjustice. For only a fraction more, you can easily showcase your branding. Most of these everyday items have free custom design and setup and can be quickly re-ordered. Here are 5 of the best products to show off your brand and logo.

Custom Logo Business Envelopes
This one is a no-brainer. Every person that opens an envelope owns a car or truck. Make your logo stand out in the return address. It’s incredibly inexpensive, not much more than buying a blank envelope. So why would you go through the hassle of using a stamp, a black & white address label, or even worse, hand-writing your return address? With the extra time it takes your employees to stamp or peel a label off, a pre-printed custom logo envelope would pay for itself. We recommend you start with your most used sizes first—#9, #10, or a #8 security check envelopes and choose whether you want a window, and/or security tint. This is one of most simple items to put your logo on, so get started now with your dealership’s custom logo business envelopes.

custom logo business envelopes

License Plate Frames
Does every vehicle you lease or sell leave the lot with a custom license plate frame? We sure hope so because this is a fantastic way to advertise your dealership around your local region and your customers are doing the work for you. There are many designs available so pick one that you know you’ll be comfortable with for a long time that fits your brand, logo, and your vehicles’ looks. You may see a minimal setup fee with custom license plate frames, but it’s almost always a one-time fee and on your re-orders that setup fee is waived. Don’t skimp on quality–you want your license plate frames to last. If they’re poor quality and they will fade or even crack after a year then you’re losing out on free advertising while your customer is still driving that vehicle. Plus you want to associate your brand with the highest quality so make sure you purchase from a reputable auto dealer supply company.

custom license plate frames

Night Drop Envelopes
The convenience of a night drop box for your service department is a must. If you don’t have currently have this process in place, we highly suggest you get started with Dealermarket’s night drop envelopes and drop boxes now. The next question is do you buy standard night drop envelopes or make your dealership stand out with custom night drop envelopes? Add your logo, contact info, and more to your night drop envelopes and make an even bigger impact. A lot of service departments will give one to their customers after a service appointment so they can have it handy to fill it out prior to their next appointment. It not only helps get repeat business for your service department but also encourages a contact-free drop off.

custom night drop envelopes

Floor Mats
Everyone is using some type of disposable car floor mat within their service department. It’s a must to show your customers that you appreciate them and want to keep their vehicles as clean as possible during their service appointment. So take this opportunity to stand out from the rest and fully utilize each 17” x 22” floor mat with your dealership’s logo, phone number, website address, and slogan. You can even add a call-to-action to get them to come back. You’d be surprised how long most customers actually leave these floor mats in their vehicle. You don’t have the break the bank either, take a look at custom paper floor mats. They are very affordable and are thick enough to last.

custom paper floor mats

Dispatch Tags
Dispatch tags are a great way to keep your service department efficient and organized. However, most don’t think about it or even realize that you can create custom dispatch tags and show off your brand, logo, contact info, and more. Your customer will see it on their claim check, plus you can leave the dispatch hang tag portion hanging from their rear-view mirror. Most of your customers will keep these for a while, and they usually end up in the glove compartment right next to the owner’s manual. Yes, that’s the place they look when something goes wrong with their vehicle. Do you want your brand to be clearly seen so they contact you first with a handy, convenient phone number right in front of them? Of course you do, so don’t opt for the standard dispatch tags, go with the custom dispatch tags option and retain more customers.

custom dispatch tags

Start using these strategies today and discover new, affordable ways to increase your dealership’s sales. Contact the experts at and they will help you find your products and quickly customize them for you. Dealermarket Fueled by Autosoft, is your #1 source for auto dealer supplies and the only official source of Autosoft forms and checks that are 100% genuine and guaranteed to work with Autosoft DMS.


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