The Quick Lube business is all about speed and efficiency. Dealerships are constantly looking for ways to “shave time” off the Quick Lube services to better serve their customers. Parallel processes between the technician and advisor, specialized tools, and Quick Lube bay locations are all ways to do this. One additional time-saving process, explained here, lessens technician time at the counter, and hence, customer “wait” time, by eliminating the need for Quick Lube parts to be pulled and billed for each customer.

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Well-run Quick Lube shops keep an inventory of “fast-moving” parts that would normally be used for Quick Lube services at the technician’s bay. Parts like oil filters, wipers, air filters, batteries, etc. can be kept in a cabinet at the Quick Lube bay. An inventory check can be performed before the schedule starts to reconcile parts billed from the previous day vs. the parts left in the cabinet. Then re-stock the cabinet for the current day’s Quick Lube needs.

The Quick Lube technician can simply document what part was used from the cabinet, and the service advisor can bill the part directly to the repair order. This process eliminates the need for the Quick Lube technician to go to the Parts Department, wait in line, have the counterperson pull the part and bill to the repair order, and walk back to the bay. Removing this activity in the majority of your Quick Lube repairs will shave off time on each service, allowing more services to be completed in a day’s time and more parts to be sold as a result. This change will also reduce the amount of backup at the parts counter and allow the parts employees to concentrate more on working with the main shop technicians to accurately look up and sell parts.

How does Autosoft FLEX DMS assist you with your Quick Lube Parts Inventory?

Go to: Parts > Special Inventories > Quick Lube Parts

In the Autosoft FLEX DMS, you can build your custom Quick Lube Parts Inventory. Each part entered has the option for: part number, description, quantity on-hand, cost price, list price, internal price, and whether or not the service advisor can change the price of the part. You can print this list for reference as well as add or delete parts at any time.

Improve your Quick Lube efficiency, reduce your parts counter backup, and sell more parts with Autosoft FLEX DMS and Quick Lube Parts Inventory.


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