Tips and Tricks: Special Tool Inventory and vehicle sales

Fixed Operations

 Keep track of your tools with Special Tool Inventory

Need an easy way to keep track of your shop tools in the dealership? Use our Special Tool Inventory feature in Service to keep all the tools accounted for in the shop.

Once a tool is entered into the system, you can use this menu to sign it in and out, and the system will track to whom the tool was issued and the date. This tracking system helps you save time in trying to track down tools and money in replacing misplaced tools.

The Tool Inventory module is located in Parts/Special Inventories/Special Tool Inventory. As always, the F1 key will give you access to the instructions to use the tool inventory.


 Adjust a vehicle sale

Did you know you can adjust a vehicle sale without reversing it and reentering it?

Go to Accounting, Journal Entries, Vehicle Sales, Sale Adjusting Entries. Put in the stock number you want to adjust and make the adjustment as needed.

Sales and F&I

 Add an employee to Deal Commissions

In the new Sales and F&I software, you can add any employee to the commissioning on a deal as necessary.

By default, the employee who started the deal is set as the primary employee to receive commission on the deal. To add a new employee:

  • Go to the Recap tab
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Commissioning section
  • Click the Actions button in the Commissioning section and
  • Click Add Employee

In the Employee area of the pop-up:

  • Use the Title field’s options button to open a drop-down menu
  • Select the employee’s title
  • Click the options button in the Employee field to open a drop-down menu of employees
  • Select the employee you want to add to the deal
  • Use the toggle buttons at the top of the screen to indicate if the employee is commissionable and if they are the primary salesperson on the deal
  • Edit the commission amounts as necessary
  • Click Save and Close

And, you’re done!


Lock your computer if you are leaving your desk 

Tired of your “friends” going onto your computer at work or home and posting things on your Facebook or Twitter page on your behalf, reading your emails, or using your computer to look up information they don’t have permissions to access on their own? It can be an annoyance, but it’s an easy one to prevent.

On your keyboard, use the Windows key ()  + L to lock your system right away. It will require your password to log in again.

You can also use CTRL+ALT+DELETE and then choose the Lock option to lock your system.


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Bryce Veon

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Bryce Veon

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