Tips and Tricks: End-of-year reporting and Backup

Fixed Operations

How to perform a full cycle inventory for Parts

  • From the Parts Main Menu click on Special Inventories
  • Click on the Cycle Inventory section
  • Select your F1 key to bring up the link for the Full Cycle Inventory document
  • Save this document to your desktop

And you’re all done in 4 easy steps!


How to access end-of-year reporting instructions

To improve accuracy, Autosoft has made some important changes to the 1099 reporting process for 2016. These changes require just a few additional steps to complete the process.

To access your instructions for the updated process, click the link on the Autosoft News Feed inside your DMS or refer to the 2016 EOY closing manual. Please review the instructions before initiating your 1099 process and contact us at [email protected] or 800.473.4630 if you have any questions.

Need W2 forms? W3 forms? 1099 miscellaneous forms?

We have the solution for you. Head over to to order.

 IT Services

Start the year with a full backup

The beginning of the year is a good time to make sure you have a backup of all your important files. Using a flash drive or external hard drive is a simple and inexpensive way to back up your files and ensure you won’t lose anything important if you encounter a problem. After completing your backup, be sure to physically separate the backup device from the computer it has backed up so that your data is kept in two different locations.

One way to ensure your DMS data is consistently and securely backed up throughout the year is to invest in either our Cloud Backup or Business Continuity services. If your dealership utilizes an on-premises server, either of these services will provide an easy, automated, and secure way to back up your business-critical Autosoft DMS data and eliminate the time required for manual backups, as well as the potential for human error.

Visit for more information, or call our sales team at 844.888.8200.

No matter what method you choose, this January is a good time to make sure your data is backed up.


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