Move a document from one month to another

Go to: Accounting >Journal Entries>Journal Utilities>Reverse a posted document

  • Type in the document you want to move
  • Select the “Move” tab and print the document (you can print to screen)
  • Click “OK” on the prompt

Note: You can only move a document between current and post ahead. You also do not want to do this for a vehicle sale.

Fixed Operations

Parts Special Inventories and maintenance

Do you have parts in your inventory that you don’t want to be updated by your monthly Part Pricing Update? Use the Special Inventories module to make the distinction.

Using the Special Inventories menu, enter special inventory update information and specify what will update to the Master Inventory. Here, you can ensure that part records retain (and do not update) certain information.

For example, the price tape update for the month may update various pieces of information for a part. If you do not want a part’s record updated, you can use this special inventories menu to ensure the part’s record retains the information you specify.


Deal tabs naming not required

You can create new deal tabs without first assigning a name to each tab, saving you an extra step and helping expedite the sales process.

When a new deal is created, the tab will be named “New Quote.” Once you assign an applicant to the deal, the name will be changed to the applicant’s last name.

  • Enable this functionality in Admin>Finance>Setup.
  • Click the Suppress Deal Name Prompt checkbox and click Save.
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