According to a NADA survey, nearly 70% of automotive dealers believe they have earned a “high level” of trust with their customers during the dealership sales process. However, according to a Gallup Poll published on Auto Dealer Today, only 9% of car buyers said they can trust their dealership.

This research exposes the need for dealers to revisit their operations and make improvements to the sales process. With just a few adjustments, you could be on your way to closing the trust gap in your dealership. Below are a few tips to improve your dealership sales process to begin earning more trust with your customers.

1. Start With Your Website

A car buyer’s experience on your website can be the deciding factor in whether they visit your dealership. According to PERQ, 72% of car buyers will visit your website before ever stepping foot in your dealership, and this number continues to grow. Make sure that you have a well-designed website that is easily viewed on mobile devices and that your complete inventory is online with up-to-date pricing, features, and pictures.

2. Connect With Your Buyers

Every time a buyer connects with someone at your dealership, whether it be by phone, email, or in person, you are making an impression of your business—make sure it is a positive one by ensuring your entire staff is courteous, professional, and knowledgeable during each interaction. Make sure your staff begins each encounter with a friendly conversation as opposed to a heavy sales pitch. It will help create trust with the buyer.

3. Provide Added Value

Buyers are looking for added value to their purchase and their experience which will make them feel as though they’ve gotten a good deal. Make sure your sales team is properly trained to give the buyer solid advice during the entire process. According to Auto Dealer Today, only 15% of dealers said their sales team knows more than their customers about any given vehicle. If you have a knowledgeable staff that can help steer the buyer in the right direction and convey that they are interested in the buyer’s best interest, the buyer will feel that they can trust them.

4. Assist Buyers Efficiently

Make sure your sales process is smooth and quick. Buyers don’t want to come into the dealership for the entire day to complete one single transaction. You can optimize your sales process by having a DMS that is mobile-friendly and allows your staff to have a quick solution to find inventory, build scenarios, and desk a deal all while they stay with your buyer. Not only does your presence increase trust, it also reduces your buyer’s time at the dealership.

5. Provide Quality Service

Lastly, ensure you provide quality service not only in your sales department but in your service department as well. If the customer trusts your sales team, the chances that they will return for service and continue to return increase. Quality interactions increase return business.

If you put more focus on building trust with your customers during the dealership sales process by providing quality service and experiences, you’ll see your sales increase. Don’t forget, before a happy customer leaves, be sure to ask them for a referral.

For more tips on building trust, download this free whitepaper, “7 Steps to Earning Trust in Your Sales Process”.


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