Having a backup for your system is like wearing a seat belt.

You don’t know when you’ll need it, but it’s likely that someday you will.
Let Autosoft’s Cloud Backup or Business Continuity service be your seat belt and protect your business from a data loss or server malfunction.

Autosoft’s Cloud Backup service automatically backs up your DMS data daily, retaining all Autosoft historical data and keeping it securely off-site in the cloud.

Autosoft Cloud Backup Chart

Cloud Backup will also hold on to previous backups for up to 30 days for extra protection and help restore your data to your server should you ever need it.

Business Continuity 

Business Continuity gives you all the benefits of Cloud Backup, plus the added protection of data restoration to a cloud server if your server is damaged, stops working, or becomes otherwise unusable. You’ll be able to get back up and running using the cloud even without a functioning server of your own.

Autosoft DMS users with an on-site system, choose Cloud Backup for efficient data protection and security. Choose Business Continuity for an added level of protection that allows you to restore your data to an Online server while yours is out of commission.

Please review our service offering for complete details.

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