Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

…Cloud Backup has been used to protect the data.

The story you are about to read is true. The dealership name has been changed to protect the innocent (we’re sure they’d rather forget the near catastrophe—even though the disaster recovery took less than three hours, thanks to Cloud Backup!).

Here’s the low down on what could have been a serious dealership slow down.

The bad news.

It was a typical Friday at Sellsmore Chevy of New York.  As all good disasters do, it struck just “after hours” at approximately 6:10 p.m. Other DMS support centers most likely would have been closed—but not Autosoft’s!

The call came in. A computer at the Sellsmore dealership had been hit with a nasty virus and BAM! Their DMS server was completely compromised. All data was corrupted and had to be wiped off the system.

The good news.

Sellsmore had smartly added Autosoft’s Cloud Backup protection for their DMS recently. So, fortunately, Autosoft’s support team was able to inform the Sellsmore staff that Cloud Backup had safely secured their data backups and their data could be restored. No problem.

Without Cloud Backup, their data would have been restorable only back to the last manual backup; and, that’s only if they had been regularly doing manual backups.

While the data was secure, the server itself was affected, and it would be a couple of days until Sellsmore’s local IT provider could wipe it clean, making it reloadable. Sellsmore clearly couldn’t afford a couple of days without their DMS, so Autosoft offered further assistance. Using an uninfected workstation PC at the dealership as a temporary server, Autosoft created a quick fix by loading the Autosoft DMS and Sellsmore’s data onto that computer.

Sellsmore was up and running in under three hours! (We actually could have done it even faster, but Sellsmore needed time to communicate with their local IT support. And we, of course, stayed with them while they confirmed their backed up data was just as it should be.)

That’s the facts. There for you when you need it—make sure your dealership has the power of Cloud Backup.

If you haven’t added this smart solution yet that allows you to do away with manual backups, get protected today.

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