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Imagine a bustling day at Sells More Chevy of New York, where cars fly off the lot like hotcakes. But amidst the automotive fervor, an unforeseen glitch emerged – the DMS server, the digital heartbeat of the dealership, was ambushed by a particularly nasty virus.

In the symphony of technology and tires, such disruptions are akin to a sudden puncture on a racetrack.

But the cloud came to the rescue with a silver lining as shiny as our chrome-accented grille. The first cloud backup recovery at AutosoftDMS swooped in to salvage the day, allowing Sells More Chevy to keep its wheels spinning and customers grinning.

The story you are about to read is true. The dealership name has been changed to protect the innocent (we’re sure they’d rather forget the near catastrophe—even though the disaster recovery took less than three hours, thanks to Cloud Backup!)

Now, let’s pause and ponder the broader significance of this event. In an era where data steers the wheel of modern business operations, disaster recovery, and cloud backup have emerged as the unsung heroes of the digital realm.

As experts in the automotive software arena, we understand data’s pivotal role in keeping the commerce engine running smoothly. In this blog, we’ve twists and turns of this extraordinary cloud-powered recovery, unveiling the mechanics behind its success.

Here’s the low down on what could have been a serious dealership slowdown.

The Bad News

It was a typical Friday at Sellsmore Chevy of New York. Like all good disasters, it struck just “after hours” at approximately 6:10 p.m. Other DMS support centers would likely have been closed—but not Autosoft’s!

The call came in. A computer at the Sellsmore dealership had been hit with a nasty virus, and BAM! Their DMS server was utterly compromised. All data was corrupted and had to be wiped off the system.

The Good news

Sellsmore had smartly added Autosoft’s Cloud Backup protection for their DMS recently. So, fortunately, Autosoft’s support team informed the Sellsmore staff that Cloud Backup had safely secured their data backups and that their data could be restored. No problem.

Without Cloud Backup, their data would have been restorable only back to the last manual backup, and that’s only if they had been regularly doing manual backups.

While the data was secure, the server itself was affected, and it would be a couple of days until Sellsmore’s local IT provider could wipe it clean, making it reloadable. Sellsmore clearly could only afford a few days without their DMS, so Autosoft offered further assistance. Using an uninfected workstation PC at the dealership as a temporary server, Autosoft created a quick fix by loading the Autosoft DMS and Sellsmore’s data onto that computer.

Sellsmore was up and running in under three hours! (We actually could have done it even faster, but Sellsmore needed time to communicate with their local IT support. And we, of course, stayed with them while they confirmed their backed-up data was just as it should be.)

That’s the facts. There for you when you need it—make sure your dealership has the power of Cloud Backup.

The Recovery Process

A malicious virus had infiltrated their computer system, bringing their DMS server to its knees. Chaos ensued, but here’s where the plot twist unfolds – thanks to Autosoft’s Cloud Backup, all data was securely backed up, tucked away safely in the digital clouds.

With the server compromised, a cold shiver of downtime could have swept through the dealership. But, remember, this is where Autosoft shines. The recovery process involved setting up a temporary server using an uninfected workstation PC at the dealership.

Autosoft’s expert team orchestrated a quick-fix masterpiece – loading the Autosoft DMS and Sellsmore’s precious data onto the makeshift server.

1. Rapid Restoration

The clock was ticking, but Autosoft’s rapid response meant the restoration was well underway. Sellsmore was back on its feet in under three hours, with the Autosoft DMS purring like a well-oiled engine..

However, this isn’t just about speed; it’s about precision. Autosoft stood by Sellsmore, ensuring that the retrieved backed-up data seamlessly matched its original form.

2. Cloud Backup, Your Ultimate Sidekick

Sellsmore’s saga teaches us that foresight is our greatest armor in a world where digital pitfalls await at every turn. With AutosoftDMS’s Cloud Backup in your corner, you can kiss manual backups goodbye. Embrace the freedom of automated, secure data backups – a shield against unforeseen viruses and glitches and a lifeline for your business continuity.

Success in Less Than Three Hours

In the blink of an eye, Autosoft’s cavalry charged in. Swift action was the name of the game. Collaborating seamlessly with Sellsmore’s IT provider, Autosoft’s experts orchestrated a symphony of recovery. The compromised server was slated for a cleanse, but time was of the essence. Enter the ingenious solution: setting up a temporary server using an uninfected workstation PC.

Data recovery isn’t just about bits and bytes; it’s about restoring confidence. With Cloud Backup’s secure embrace, Sellsmore’s critical data emerged unscathed from the chaos.

Sellsmore was back to business in record time, operating as if the glitch had never occurred. Customers trusted the seamless transition, and the dealership’s reputation remained unblemished.

This tale of success goes beyond recovery; it’s about steering your dealership toward an unstoppable future. Cloud Backup isn’t just a solution; it’s a strategic choice that safeguards your data, reputation, and bottom line. With AutosoftDMS as your co-pilot, you’re equipped to face unforeseen challenges head-on and emerge stronger than ever.

In the realm of modern dealership management, Cloud Backup isn’t just a tool; it’s a hero that rescues, restores, and revives.

As you navigate the winding roads of innovation, remember that AutosoftDMS is your compass. Secure your data, ensure your continuity, and blaze a trail of success that’s powered by technology and driven by collaboration.

Making the Right Choice: Cloud Backup with Autosoft

The saga of Sellsmore’s showdown with a menacing virus teaches us a pivotal lesson – preparedness isn’t just a concept; it’s a lifeline. The security net of Cloud Backup isn’t reserved for worst-case scenarios; it’s a tool that ensures your dealership is equipped to handle digital curveballs with grace. Sellsmore’s experience underscores the vital importance of data protection.

Cloud Backup isn’t just a technological marvel but a strategic investment amplifying your potential. As the automotive landscape evolves, data becomes the currency of success. Cloud Backup empowers you to navigate this terrain confidently and securely, knowing that your critical data is shielded from harm’s way.

Autosoft’s Unwavering Support

At AutosoftDMS, we’re not just tech providers; we’re partners in your journey. Sellsmore’s story illustrates our unwavering commitment to your success. When the storm hit, we stood shoulder to shoulder with Sellsmore, orchestrating a solution that went beyond recovery – it ensured their operations roared back to life in record time.

In the era of uncertainties, foresight is our greatest ally. Cloud Backup isn’t just an insurance policy; it’s a strategy that elevates your dealership’s readiness. Picture a scenario where downtime doesn’t derail progress, and glitches don’t tarnish your reputation. That’s the power of Cloud Backup – it empowers you to be the captain of your dealership’s destiny.

Cloud Backup is a catalyst for growth and innovation. It propels you forward, armed with data security, operational continuity, and customer trust. When the road ahead is unpredictable, Cloud Backup ensures your dealership stands tall, unshaken by whatever comes its way.

Autosoft stands proud as a leader in security risk management maturity, surpassing industry averages by over 100 points to achieve an ‘A’ rating according to UpGuard’s security risk assessment. This recognition isn’t just a badge—it’s a testament to our commitment to security excellence.

Wrapping Up!!

As we conclude this journey through the revolutionary realm of data protection, it’s evident that the choices we make today shape tomorrow’s success stories. The “First Cloud Backup Recovery Record” serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology when it comes to safeguarding the heart and soul of your dealership.

In an era where data drives business, choosing the right data protection solution is non-negotiable. AutosoftDMS’s Cloud Backup transcends the boundaries of traditional backup methods. 

It’s not just about data storage; it’s about data security, recovery, and resilience. The instant restoration capability ensures that your dealership doesn’t merely survive crises – it thrives in the face of adversity.

The “First Cloud Backup Recovery Record” is more than a milestone; it’s a beacon of what’s possible when you choose to safeguard your dealership’s lifeline. 

Equip yourself with the tools that ensure your data is more than just information – it’s an asset that propels you forward. Visit our website, consult our experts, and make the choice that shapes your dealership’s destiny.


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