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MaximTrak’s industry leading, fully integrated F&I suite is the preferred solution for dealerships in the industry concerned with profitability, compliance, and the customer experience. With the most in customizable tools, MaximTrak has completely transformed the digitized F&I transaction for F&I Managers, Dealer Principals, OEMs, and the modern consumer. Integration between Autosoft and MaximTrak gives you F&I tools that include interactive menus, e-rating, sales aids, videos, customer surveys, executive reporting, electronic contracting, and more.

In a 2015 study across 1.5 million vehicle transactions, the MaximTrakTM system dramatically outperformed transactions with no menu use. Transactions with MaximTrak



MenuTrakTM is Much More than a Menu


All of the essential applications required to successfully present a customized array of products and effectively manage the F&I department are available at your fingertips. MenuTrakTM saves critical time and drives positive customer engagements within a single streamlined workflow.

Transparency and compliance is built into the MenuTrakTM system to ensure the reliability of product recommendations and process verifications. Dealerships are protected with easy to run reports on credit, OFAC, Red Flag, Out-of-Wallet, and connecting with F&I product providers for approvals.

The F&I department reviews deal data and uses interactive sales aids, with effective product videos, to build value with customers. Customers are quickly guided through a friction-free sales presentation that increases efficiency. Dynamic menus are seamlessly created on-the-fly and help connect the customer’s driving habits with tailored coverage to meet their needs.

MenuTrakTM  will help you maintain compliance, decrease time, and increase CSI scores without sacrificing profitability.


Experience the Difference of a Digitized Delivery Process with ETRAKTM

MaximTrak’s ETrakTM streamlines the contracting process and eliminates the time, cost, and human errors associated with paper contracts. From the point of sale through registration and remittance, ETrakTM offers a secure and reliable solution for your F&I Department and the modern customer.

The ETrakTM platform transforms complex integrations and business layer logic into a single standardized rating and contracting interface. With OEM Sponsored Providers Integrations, your Data Validation and Data Capture, Electronic Contract Submissions, Accounting Control Processes, Printing, compliant E-signatures, and all of your customer’s critical documents are collected into a single electronic archive through Etrak’s use of Digital Deal JacketTM.

ETrakTM is everything you need for an easy paper-free and hassle-free transaction, built into one digital ecosystem.


Real-Time Business and Bank Intelligence for Real Decisions

MaximTrak’s flagship reporting system, DASHBOARDSTM, is the most comprehensive reporting solution available in the industry today. MaximTrak currently maintains a unique Enterprise Reporting Platform (ERP) and employs a dynamic organization structure that enables comprehensive data aggregation on every level. DASHBOARDSTM manages dealership data from DMS providers and standardizes data output for critical analysis of F&I and Sales performance.

DASHBOARDSTM offers OEMs, Dealers, Finance Managers, and agents both real-time and automated batching solutions to see reports on Average Gross Profit Per Vehicle, PVR by Transaction Type, Product Penetration, Gross Profit Mix by Product Line, PVR by F&I Manager, PVR by F&I GSM, Banks by Avg., Banks by Finance Volume, and so much more.

Gain valuable insights from competitive intelligence and know the health of your business, team performance, individual performance, product performance, and more. Manage, customize, automate, and receive reports directly in your inbox daily with DASHBOARDSTM.


Touch Technology that Transforms the F&I Transactions

MAXIMTRAK FLITETM combines state-of-the-art touch screen and tablet technology with MaximTrak’s fully integrated, compliant, and comprehensive system.

Customers are in control with a guided presentation that creates a consistent, frictionless, and enjoyable sales experience. The entire vehicle delivery process is enhanced with interactive videos, product recommendations, interactive package building, e-rating, e-contracting, and e-signature—all with the flick of a finger.

Integrated within FLITETM is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind survey system where customers receive a personal risk analysis and product recommendations based on a growing list of key data points. Some of the factors include vehicle data, deal info, driving habits, vehicle usage variables, risk factors, cost of replacement, out-of-pocket expense data, duration of ownership, and many more.

When your customers connect their individual lifestyle needs with the real-world risks, and then are presented with tailored, yet unbiased options to protect their vehicle, they are set at ease to embrace “worry-free ownership”.

For more information or to schedule a demo with MaximTrak, call 800.282.6308 or visit MaximTrak online. Download a Free White Paper: Experience the Future of F&I 



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