Don’t let hurricanes, storms, floods, or fires wreck your business. Disaster-proof your dealership’s data and make recovery from damaged, infected, or stolen computer equipment easier with Autosoft’s Cloud Backup and Business Continuity services.

Cloud Backup automatically backs up your DMS data daily, retaining all Autosoft historical data and keeping it securely off-site in the cloud. Cloud Backup will also help restore your data to your server if needed.

Business Continuity gives you all the benefits of Cloud Backup, plus the added protection of data restoration to a cloud server if your server is damaged, stops working, or becomes otherwise unusable. You’ll be able to continue running your dealership using the Online server and data from your last cloud backup.

These services are available for any customer with an on-premise server and a business-class Internet connection.

If you use Autosoft’s hosted server solution, you’re already protected! These  services are included for Autosoft’s hosted DMS users.

Which service should I choose?

Choose Cloud Backup for efficient data protection and security. Choose Business Continuity for an added level of protection that allows you to restore your data to a hosted server while yours is offline.

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