Is your F&I department just “selling” products, or are they professionally reviewing your customers’ risk management and vehicle protection options?

Incorporating a menu in your F&I process helps ensure you protect yourself from claims of discrimination, and printing a disclosure of accepted and declined products for your customers to sign—every time—will help protect you against false service claims in the future.

By using Autosoft’s fully integrated F&I Menus in your F&I process, you’re professionally presenting 100% of your products to 100% of your customers, and automatically presenting a waiver, 100% of the time. You’re keeping compliant, increasing satisfaction with an enhanced customer experience and reduced product-presentation time, and driving product profit.

Additionally, because it is an Autosoft product, you know that the payments you’re quoting are accurate—to the penny—on every single deal.

Throw out your paper menu and start using Autosoft F&I Menus today!

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