Autosoft's Cloud Backup & Business Continuity: 6 Things to know

Recovering from the damage inflicted by stolen, infected, or destroyed computer equipment is easier when you’ve disaster-proofed your dealership’s data by backing it up to the cloud.

If you use an on-premise server, Autosoft offers two easy, automated, and secure ways to back up your business-critical DMS data: Autosoft Cloud Backup Monitoring Service and Autosoft Business Continuity & Backup Monitoring Service.

These services will save you time, money, and hassle with their automated, no-equipment-required data backup, retrieval, and restoration services. Click here to purchase now.

6 Common Questions About Autosoft’s Cloud Backup and Business Continuity Services

1. How much storage do I get?
You get as much space as you need to house the data for your entire system securely, including all daily and historical data. Your backup grows as you do for one budget-friendly price.

2. How often is my data backed up?
Your deals, repair orders, parts tickets, postings, and other files and information are backed up to the cloud every day. Daily frequency keeps you current and complete.

3. How secure is my data?
In addition to much faster backups and more rapid restores than traditional methods, Autosoft ensures the highest level of protection for both Cloud Backup and Business Continuity. Encryption both during transit and within the cloud protects you from the most sophisticated viruses and cyber-criminal attacks.

4. What is the difference between these two services?
Business Continuity includes all the features of Cloud Backup—automated daily backups, encrypted and monitored data migration, scalable cloud storage, data retrieval and restoration—but goes one step further.

While Cloud Backup allows you to retrieve your data from the cloud if necessary and restore it to your own, functioning server, Business Continuity gives you the additional option to restore your data to a hosted (web-based) server temporarily in the case that your own server has malfunctioned or failed.

So, if your server is out of commission, Business Continuity allows you to get back up and running without it.

5. How much does this technology cost?
Autosoft’s Cloud Backup Monitoring Service is only $39.00 per month—a nominal price for ensuring your peace of mind and minimized down time if disaster strikes.

Autosoft’s Business Continuity & Backup Monitoring Service is just $89.00 per month—a little extra to ensure you can get back to business even without a functioning server.

6. What support can I expect?
Our award-winning customer support teams always have your back. When you need help, just call, email, or send a chat message, and we’ll be there to help you out. Also, as part of your service, we’ll monitor to ensure your backups are occurring as scheduled and let you know if we spot a problem.

Rest easy, knowing your reliable Autosoft partner has your data stored, protected, and readily accessible if you ever need to restore your operations after an unforeseen cyber attack or physical disaster.

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Autosoft's Cloud Backup & Business Continuity Monitoring Services
*Off-site access for Business Continuity only

Both Services Require: Windows Server 2008 or later and business-class internet access.

Please review Service Offering for complete details. Call our sales team for more information: 844.888.8200.



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