Tips : Swapping Applicants,Service Discount Limits & More

Fixed Operations

Take control of the discounts given by your team

You have complete control of the discounts your team gives to your customers!

Under the “Define Discount” option in Service System Setup, you can define discounts by the entire repair order or individual job. You also have the option to determine if discounts are percentage-based or a flat amount, and parts or labor only.

You can password protect the ability to apply a discount to a repair order for an extra level of security. Ensure your customers are taken care of without the loss of gross profit from inaccurate discounts.


View a document while making a journal entry

You can do it without exiting out of the screen by clicking on Schedules on the task bar at the top of the screen and then clicking on the documents button at the bottom of the screen.

Sales and F&I

Easily swap your applicant and co-applicant

Click on Applicants in the deal and click on the swap button to switch them. This function is beneficial when you run your applicant’s credit and the co-applicant has better credit then the applicant. You just hit swap and you’re done—you don’t have to re-key each individual’s information again.


Bryce Veon

Bryce Veon

About Bryce Veon About Bryce Veon


Bryce Veon

Bryce Veon

About Bryce Veon

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