The Interview

A face-to-face interview can be a very anxiety-producing event. Below are some tips to help you be totally prepared for the big day.

1. Avoid making last minute requests to reschedule your interview. If a decision is near and other strong candidates have already been moved ahead, your window of opportunity might close.

2. Know where you are going for the interview and arrive early (15 minutes). If you are not sure where you are going or how long it will take to get there, drive out the night before to find out. Being late will always be viewed very unfavorably.

3. Arrive prepared. Dress for the role, have your résumé in hand, and wear a smile. First impressions are the only impression. Arriving prepared also means you understand the products and services Autosoft provides. So, do your research and come prepared to discuss.

4. Keep in mind that your skills offer you the opportunity to interview, but it is your personality that will win you the position. Everyone prepares for the normal canned questions. For Autosoft,  be prepared to have a conversation about your qualifications and work history, and be sure to ask questions and sell yourself.

5. Lastly, always follow your interview with a thank-you note. A well-written note will ensure you are remembered and possibly get  you an awesome new position at Autosoft.

Dress Like the Job is Already Yours