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Stefano Tromba, Marketing Specialist at Autosoft DMS, is a visionary leader in marketing with 20 years of experience. Stefano has successfully created and executed marketing and advertising programs for companies of all sizes.


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The Art of Auto Dealership Marketing: 8 Strategies for Success

Blog | 10 August, 2023

Increase Sales with Customized Auto Dealer Supplies

You may not realize it, but are you aware that you can use your logo to increase leads and sales?

Blog | 01 December, 2020

4 Best Practices to Increase Positive Online Reviews

When you are in the auto industry, you want to be consistently showcasing positive experiences and excellent reviews, but to do that you need to HAVE the reviews.

Blog | 27 August, 2020

Create a Buying Atmosphere at Your Dealership

It’s no secret that buying a vehicle can take a long time and that most consumers prefer dealerships that offer a quicker, stress-free experience. In fact, according to Autotrader, 54% of consumers would buy from a dealership that offers this type of experience, even if it didn’t have the lowest price.

Blog | 11 February, 2019

Improve Your Sales and F&I Process With Mobile

If you incorporate the efficiency of mobile tools in your Sales and F&I process, you can do just that. Read on to learn how you can improve your process at each stage of the sale.

Blog | 28 August, 2018

Questions to Ask When Switching Your DMS

When you make a change to your dealership’s technology, it can be difficult but also give you the potential to maximize profits, productivity, and savings.

Blog | 14 August, 2018

J.D. Power Webinar: Local Market Intelligence You’ll Use

With a retail marketplace that is constantly in flux, how confident are you in your current local market intelligence?

Blog | 12 June, 2018

Keeping Your Computers Safe From Viruses

Keeping your dealership operating efficiently is our biggest priority, so we have put together the following information to keep you informed and help you ensure that your computers are secure.

Blog | 15 May, 2018

What Do Buyers Want From Their Online Experience?

Since online shopping is clearly growing, driven by millennials and the iGeneration—two market segments that are beginning to control a significant portion of the automotive retail spending—the insights are invaluable.

Blog | 22 February, 2018

Drive More Leads From Your Website Using Soft-Pull Data

Blog | 04 January, 2018

How to Give Millennials the Best Dealership Experience

Blog | 15 September, 2017

7 Essential Design Tips for Your Dealership’s Website

Your dealer website is the virtual front door to your showroom—open all day every day. If you want your customers to buy, not just browse, pay special attention to how you lay out your website.

Blog | 10 August, 2017

Earn More Trust During the Dealership Sales Process

With just a few adjustments, you could be on your way to closing the trust gap in your dealership.

Blog | 27 July, 2017

4 Reasons Why Chat Is Here to Stay

Chat is rising year over year as a customer communication channel, and the trend isn’t expected to stop any time soon.

Blog | 13 April, 2017

The Value of Video Learning

It’s easy to see why video has taken over as the learning tool of choice. Did you know YouTube has over a billion users? That’s one-third of people online![1] The same thing that drives people to seek information and entertainment on YouTube is also fueling their use of other social media outlets, like Facebook and Instagram. The expectation for instant, on-demand information has spread to both education and marketing. Video learning is the answer.

Blog | 14 February, 2017