Dynatron Software and Autosoft Partner to Bring Dealers Increased Profits and Efficiencies

WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa., September 25, 2018 – Autosoft, Inc., a full-featured technology platform, partnered with Dynatron Software, the industry leader in fixed operations reporting and development, to offer dealerships a free, no-risk service department assessment that highlighted their department’s areas of greatest potential improvement and profit growth.

Dynatron Software uses their business intelligence tools, EBIS and ROAMS, to measure, market, and merchandise dealerships’ service departments, which can lead to better customer retention and increased profitability. They have mastered warranty labor rate and parts increase filing at about half the typical market cost. They perform mystery shopping, drive recall business, and implement overall service retention strategies. To maximize service profitability, Dynatron also provides industry-leading fixed operations coaching and consulting.

Autosoft offers a full-featured dealer management system (DMS) that has been recognized as the All-Time Most Recommended DMS through DrivingSales and includes Sales and F&I, Accounting, Parts, Service, and Vehicle Inventory Management products. Autosoft’s fixed operations functionality allows dealers to optimize scheduling, improve shop utilization, and increase revenue.

Autosoft and Dynatron Software partnered to provide dealerships a service department analysis highlighting customer pay (CP) services compared to the same brands, in the same region, and in similar size.

Dealerships were able to see if their performance was above or below the group average for high-level metrics such as CP labor gross profit percentage, CP labor revenue per repair order (RO), and more. The analysis also showed how dealerships compared to the group by service type. Dealers were able to review effective labor rate trends in service categories and receive a comprehensive warranty labor rate analysis.

Participants saw an average of over $125,500 in annualized net profit per rooftop, along with positive changes in their warranty labor, compliance, and CP services.

“Partnering with Dynatron Software for this free service department analysis shows our dealers that Autosoft is committed to being more than a DMS provider, but also a trusted partner in their business,” said Autosoft product manager Jason Baab. “Their success is our success.”

Dealerships can take advantage of Dynatron’s complimentary analysis offer by calling Rob Melaris at 702.279.1310. To learn more about Autosoft, dealerships can call 844.888.8200.

About Dynatron Software

Dynatron Software is the premier provider of automotive fixed operation data analytics, business intelligence, and pricing optimization. Our solutions provide quantifiable and substantial ROI with the least amount of managerial effort to over 1900 automotive dealerships nationwide. To learn more about Dynatron Software, call Rob Melaris at 702.279.1310, email [email protected], or visit dynatronsoftware.com.


Autosoft, Our innovative Dealer Management System (DMS) technology empowers automotive dealers to operate from anywhere and access all the data they need – all in one place. Unifying sales, service, parts, accounting, inventory management and more, Autosoft provides dealerships with the data and workflows they need to make informed decisions, maximize ROI and gain customer loyalty. Autosoft serves over 2,000 dealerships and maintains 35+ OEM certifications.

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