Autosoft Inventory Management

Make the Right Vehicle Inventory Decisions With the Right Data

Switch to Autosoft’s Vehicle Inventory Management and start making data-driven decisions about your used inventory—price competitively, know your exit strategy, and increase your vehicle profits.

More data equals more accuracy.

Efficiently manage appraisals, pricing, and merchandising from within your DMS. Our market based pricing feature analyzes over 6.5 million vehicle listings daily, telling you how many similar cars are in your local market along with their average list prices, day’s supply, and listing history. Know your competition before your customers do.

More data equals more trust.

Stop leaving money on the table with other providers. Drive traffic, view projected profit and equity position of any vehicle before they buy, and get inventory to market faster.

Works with your preferred book providers and comes with market analytics, so you can appraise and price your vehicles with rich, competitive data.

A Fundamentally Different Inventory Management Tool

No other system has the workflow that Autosoft has incorporated into one of the best solutions for your Inventory needs. Start deals from appraisal or start appraisals from deals. Intuitive and useful interfaces that keep you informed and efficient in your tasks. Watch the video for more!


  • See real-time inventory data, including costs, repairs, market value, and equity position
  • Start appraisals, scan VINs, capture images, and view customer and vehicle records by mobile device
  • Price competitively and strategically without sacrificing margin
  • Understand your investment and plan your exit strategy before you buy
  • Manage digital merchandising in your DMS with syndication
  • View your inventory and make pricing and disposition adjustments from one screen
  • Reduce errors with synced pricing from your DMS to your listing sites

With Autosoft Inventory Management you will expedite processes like merchandising, keep information, like appraisal records and pricing, in sync across your departments and listing sites, and make more informed pricing and disposition decisions with real-time competitive data.

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