Integrating With Mitchell 1 ProDemand

Are you looking to take your service department to the next level? Autosoft is pleased to offer integration with Mitchell 1 ProDemand®.

This powerful solution provides full OEM repair, estimating, maintenance, and real-world, experience-based information in one easy-to-use product that’s built to help auto service professionals work faster and more accurately.

Here’s how it works.

The vehicle information in your DMS is directly loaded into ProDemand, which saves you time by eliminating any rekeying of information. OEM estimate guide information can be transferred back into your DMS, allowing you to efficiently create service quotes and repair orders.

With ProDemand, you not only get a powerful guide to write accurate and quick estimates, you also get a complete service information tool that makes diagnosing easier with real-world information from hundreds of millions of actual repairs for specific vehicles.

From those repairs, you can see what other expert technicians have used to solve the same problem, including the most common components to be replaced for a specific diagnostic trouble code or symptom and the most common repairs that fixed the problem.

When you’re ready to start the repair, you have access to the OEM specifications and procedures. You can also tap into a community of expert technicians to ask a question and receive an answer based on those technicians’ actual experiences.

Recent enhancements to ProDemand include:

  • 1Search™ Plus advanced search technology featuring a unique graphical layout—to deliver all the information you need, together in a single location, organized in specific categories
  • Plate-to-VIN—a vehicle selector for faster and more accurate vehicle identification
  • Quick Link—a link for immediate access to TPMS information
  • Consumer-friendly maintenance checklists—to help with customer engagement and upsell opportunities

ProDemand is also optimized for mobile devices, so dealers can use the system on the shop floor and easily access all the information they need

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Bryce Veon

Bryce Veon

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Bryce Veon

Bryce Veon

About Bryce Veon

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