AutoSoft DMS installation and preparation


Smooth Implementation and Training

An entire toolbox of resources is available to ensure that your team’s onboarding of your Autosoft DMS product is quick and effective – from pre-installation and preparation, to the printing of your specific business forms.

1. Remote software installation/preparation

Autosoft connects remotely to this custom installation to set up your new software including DCS communication and data migration.

2. F&I forms programming

While installation is taking place, Autosoft F&I programmers prepare forms for printing, including those required by your state and any other vendor’s specifications.

3. Remote pre-training

Autosoft University online classes and remote instructor-led-training help to ensure a smooth transition.

4. Data conversion

Autosoft will extract and convert data from your previous DMS provider to import it into Autosoft DMS.

5. Live coverage activities (remote or on-site)

With more than 30 years of in-dealership experience, Autosoft Onboarding Instructors bring real-world understanding to you and your team. Whatever training format works best for you — on-the-job or remotely – we teach users everything needed to become proficient in using Autosoft DMS.

6. Post-install follow-up

Autosoft Onboarding Instructors will perform scheduled check-ins to ensure your team remains on track moving forward.

7. Transition to support

Upon completion of the installation, we introduce you to our award winning Autosoft Customer Support Center or Performance Management team for continued care.