Revolutionizing Dealership Management: AutoSoftDMS Transforms Automotive Businesses

As a dealer, juggling sales, inventory, scheduling, cross-departmental communication, and customer relationship management can be quite cumbersome. Not only do you have to navigate through piles of paperwork, but you also pay attention to meeting on-time demands like servicing and scheduling while keeping everyone happy – a behemoth of a task if you are still managing everything with a pen and paper.

Thankfully, dealership management systems (DMS) are now a reality. 

What is a Dealer Management System (DMS)?

A DMS, a specialized software designed to streamline operations and boost operational efficiency, forms the backbone of franchise and independent dealerships. With dealership management software, you will be able to manage your operations under one roof. None of your team works in siloes, which means you don’t have to enter your work status or information repeatedly while the queues of your customers get longer, increasing everyone’s frustration.

Moreover, an auto dealership management software solution is a blessing for inventory management. You get real-time visibility into your inventory levels, digitize reorder processes, and track the movements of vehicles and parts – drastically reducing the risk of overstocking or stockouts.

So, it helps dealers manage and plan their finances better and provides them with all the insights to make informed decisions about inventory, services, financing, sales, and business operations.

Also, an auto dealer software solution helps dealers automate repetitive tasks and generate ready sales reports while boosting efficiency and profitability and considerably cutting operational costs.

However, the market is already saturated with dealership management software systems. While each of them packs a punch in some way or another, which is the ultimate solution for you and worth your time and resources? 

As the right auto dealership software solution can transform your business, the stakes are pretty high. So, why not go with the solution that is one of the leading software solutions in the industry with 30,000+ users nationwide and helped millions of customers purchase and service their vehicles effortlessly?

Yes, you read that right!

Autosoft is an all-in-one dealer management platform that brings all your automotive dealer interactions under one login to streamline your operations, deliver actionable insights, and help you multiply your ROI fast.

So, What’s All the Buzz about Autosoft DMS?

Autosoft helps you run every department of your dealership better, easier, and faster. Whether you run a franchise dealership or are independent, Autosoft has extensive solutions for all workflows and roles.

Our ingenious auto dealer software empowers automotive dealers to operate anytime and from anywhere and have access to the data they need – all in a single ecosystem. Besides, our 30+ years of performance management experience ensures you get the most effective solutions for sales, service, parts, accounting, and inventory management in Autosoft.

Moreover, Autosoft helps dealerships with the data and workflows to make data-driven decisions, maximize ROI, and gain customer loyalty. 

So, supercharge your DMS communications with OEMs and an ever-increasing number of third-party solutions for managing your inventory while you keep track of your customers, turn more opportunities into sales, and make it seamless to run your dealership.

Streamlining Sales Operations

Now manage all your leads and contacts in one unified dealership-wide platform – Autosoft. We have a dedicated automotive customer relationship management so that you book more profits. Get access to 200+ integrations on Autosoft that support credit checks, financing, virtual retailing, and other desking needs and thrust your sales forward.


Fasten sales processes with Autosoft by accessing desking, F&I, and menus – all on one dealer platform. Autosoft’s CRM system helps your sales team with real-time access to inventory and repair orders in its platform – saving time in desking deals. 

Besides, the Autosoft Go platform rolls deal figures automatically, which helps sales teams locate, cost out, and apply units to a deal in mere seconds! 

So, with Autosoft, re-entering data is a thing of the past.

Customer Management

Create better customer relationships with personalized buying experiences. Autosoft helps you deliver quick, easy, and efficient buying experiences that show them the value of their business to you.

Besides, Autosoft’s cloud-based solution helps you provide digitally native solutions with multiple buying scenarios so your customers are showered with choices upfront. 

That’s not all! 

With Autosoft’s built-in service quoting module, you will be able to impress your customers with quick quoting. Our templated emails and messaging ensure that you keep them in the loop all the time with all necessary communication – features that dealers actively seek out.


Take your opportunities from ideation to completion with a streamlined and click-to-curb workflow. Autosoft’s responsive design, color-coded indicators, consolidated history, and customizable reporting and dashboards are sure to amplify your team’s productivity. This helps your sales teams to close more deals and maximize their gains with fewer steps, clicks, and screens.

Service and Performance Management

Are the worries about technician productivity, parts availability, and missed appointments keeping you up? Autosoft’s dealer management system provides:

  • Up-to-the-minute insights on technician productivity, 
  • An itemized list of parts and costs in your inventory, 
  • Creation of repair orders from one central location,
  • Simple management of service appointments in a calendar view, and
  • Omni-channel experience across all devices, so you never miss a beat.

Besides, Autosoft empowers you to keep customer sentiments positive with personalized communication. Eliminate the guesswork and strengthen customer trust from the get-go. Your employees can directly call, text, and email your customers with Autosoft Go to inform them of their vehicle progress. You can also send periodic service reminders with our built-in communication system.

Inventory Management

Get ready tools for tracking vehicle and parts inventory, including vehicle details, make, pricing, and location. Autosoft helps you optimize inventory levels to reduce holding costs, boost efficiency and productivity, and ensure the availability of the most in-demand models and parts.

Autosoft’s color-coded visuals provide insights into which parts and vehicles are flying off the shelves quickly and help you arrive at better investment decisions lightning-fast based on historical data.

Moreover, track trends in your local market and use market analytics for price recommendations effortlessly with our dealer management system. Autosoft Go gives you one-click access to your inventory levels and market movement report so you can:

  • Apply bulk pricing changes, 
  • Strategize acquisition and disposition, 
  • Provide accurate appraisals,
  • Make informed stocking decisions and 
  • Optimize replenishment for your dealership business.

Financial Management and Reporting

Tired of bulky dealer management systems that slow you down? Create automated workflows and custom dashboards to learn about pending transactions and posted sales at just a glance with Autosoft Go. 

Post transactions in a single process, make easy purchase orders and oversee 3rd party vendor spending while boosting your bottom line within the Autosoft ecosystem.

Moreover, our auto dealership software helps accomplish tasks like

  • Posting multiple transactions in one process,
  • Transferring data between sales and accounting departments seamlessly,
  • Ready, on-screen reporting to facilitate critical actions such as floor plan payoffs,
  • Posting vehicle sales, repair orders, and counter tickets immediately using tailored setups,
  • Eliminating redundancy and reducing manual data entry for compliance and success and
  • Giving access to factory financial statements at all hours.

Enterprise-grade Security

With 4 FTC-compliant layers of security, Autosoft’s security is built for the future. Every inch of Autosoft is designed to protect your dealership’s sensitive data with gold-standard security. 

Autosoft provides role-based access control for added layers of security and greater confidence in everyday business operations to safeguard your dealership from expensive and irrecoverable damages. 

Unlike our competitors, Autosoft keeps security risk management at the top of its priority list. As a result, we have beat the average industry standard by well over 100 points to secure an ‘A’ rating.

Besides role-based access control and IP-based permissions, Autosoft has also integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) into its platform, where users must periodically verify their identity through one-time passcodes and text verifications. 

So, secure sensitive customer and dealership data effortlessly with the Autosoft dealer management system. 

Integrations and Scalability

Tap into endless possibilities with your DMS with Autosoft’s 200+ third-party and OEM relationships for a connected dealership network. Leverage our 30+ years of experience to get access to meticulously chosen third-party integrations that can drastically improve your business’ ROI and competitive advantage.

Autosoft has partnered with Motive Retail to help you with effective, secure, low-cost automotive retail integrations to keep your business up and running seamlessly from service and F&I – safeguarding your business to ever-changing market demands.

Analytics and Future Trends

Never miss out on great business opportunities with Autosoft’s built-in ‘Market Analysis’ tool. Outrank your competitors by staying on top of fluctuating market trends and future-proofing your dealership using real-time retail data. Autosoft empowers you with timely alerts to notify you when action is needed in your service or sales departments.

But wait, that’s not all! 

Our auto dealer management software takes it a step further with the ‘Vehicle Desirability’ tool. The tool comes with color-coded visuals and a custom-weighted score that shows you how vehicles of a similar make and model sell off at your dealership in a two-year period. 

Be better equipped to cater to your customer base’s unique and mass needs and make prompt, result-driven decisions with Autosoft’s actionable insights.

Summing Up:

A dealership management system can significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of your business. So, choosing the right solution will help you create more leads, eliminate errors, increase new car profits, keep service bays full, and maintain long-term customer relationships.

Make sure that you keep a tab on the following before zeroing in on a DMS:

  • Your specific needs,
  • The core features of the DMS,
  • The scalability and usability of the DMS,
  • Its integration capabilities,
  • Customizability,
  • Data security and compliance,
  • Reporting and analytics and
  • Its accessibility.

With over 2000+ dealership collaborations, Autosoft takes DMS a notch higher with its unmatched customer support and implementation. 

Dealers have always been at the core of our business. 

For the last 30+ years, we have solidified dealerships by delivering outstanding services in every department, boosting business margins, and, most importantly, by putting customer confidence back into the automotive industry.

For instance, Chad and Christina VanNess at the VanNess Automotive Group made the switch from CDK to Autosoft DMS to deliver fast, efficient, transparent, trustworthy, and error-free customer service, as, like them, Autosoft DMS believes in a customer-first approach from the first time a customer walks into a showroom.

Autosoft’s affordability has been crucial in freeing up their capital, which they now use to improve their business facilities, employee training, and ad spending. They have also added that Autosoft has made the operational side of their business so easy that they can now focus more on their retail and relationship side.

Read on to learn how the VanNess Automotive Group has seen massive growth in its sales and revenue courtesy of Autosoft’s dealer management system.

So, invest in one of the industry-leading dealership management systems and keep your buyers coming back for more.

Schedule your demo call today and transform your dealership business into a cash magnet!



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