Save 15-90 Minutes Per Deal

Communication Connectivity

Centralized technology that instantly connects two or more team members to collaborate from within the system, import data, or share a screen via a direct link can greatly accelerate productivity. Programs framed with internal communication tools can prevent bottlenecks by sending notifications as steps are completed to keep the deal progressing or speed resolution to a customer issue.

Real-Time Mobility

Mobile applications that allow secure access from anywhere in or outside the showroom shave the time it takes getting back to a workstation. Work on-the-go from smart device apps prevents customers being left unattended or required to follow you around.

Personalized Engagement

Integrated Technology

Solutions that augment customer records with demographic, social media, personal interests, even their friends and family network build familiarity, trust and stronger bonds plus referral opportunities. To keep retention a primary focus, use technology that displays historical purchases, preferences and detailed notes across all departments. Lifetime value visibility can go a long way in prioritizing negotiations and rewarding loyal customers.

Unified Integration

Technology designed with a fluid, logical workflow leads to better proficiency and utilization. Look for end-to-end solutions with centralized information that shares and routes data across platforms to eliminate re-entry and reduce opportunity for error.

Divide your Sales Process into segments like in the above example. Within each segment look for ways to: reduce hand-offs to multiple people, eliminate paper forms and re-entering the same data, add customer self-serve options, increase staff during peak traffic times, and standardize processes including methods for staff to communicate moving from one step to the next.

Faster in the Cloud? That depends…

Working from the Cloud, where data is stored and accessed on a “virtual” server via the Internet, can be faster than a traditional on-site dedicated server. Overall Cloud computing benefits include less hardware (hence less hardware costs), less maintenance, more accessibility, and faster speeds depending on the connection.

Also notably beneficial when operating from the Cloud are automatic software and security updates, and data backup and recovery in case of a disaster.

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