AutoServe1 Shares the Benefits of Digital Inspection Tools

In an industry where customer retention is a constant problem, it’s important for dealerships to deliver the same quality service as other auto repair centers. Let’s face it, most customers worry more about the cost than the parts or the brand name on their grill.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

That’s why it’s important that dealerships and other auto repair shops stay ahead of the curve. After attending NADA, AutoServe1 noticed that digital vehicle inspection is the new trend and it’s here to stay. This trend is shaping how technicians and repair shops do business. Their simple answer to an industry-wide problem has driven up ARO for dealership repair centers across Canada and the United States and improved how customers see their auto repair shops.

Transparent Customer Communication

Direct and transparent communication with customers is pivotal in increasing the success of your business. AutoServe1 provides this streamlined communication tool, protecting your company from angry customers who, despite your expertise, doubt your repair job.

Direct Results

Adopting digital vehicle inspection for your dealership service department or auto shop is a simple solution that gives direct results to both the customer and your shop. Digital vehicle inspection is a middleman that gives customers peace of mind about their service repairs through image, video, and voice-to-text sharing.

Smart technology is intertwined in every industry—just look at the touch-screen, voice-activated SUVs and sedans that pull into your shop. And now, finally, with digital vehicle inspection, the auto repair industry can reap the advantages of smart technology too.

A customer that trusts you and your brand is a customer that will come back time and time again.

Edited and republished with permission. Original blog post here.

About AutoServe1
AutoServe1 is an industry-leader in digital inspection software, working with thousands of franchise and independent auto service professionals every month. AutoServe1 helps dealership owners and their technicians drastically improve their shop operations from immediate contact with customers to the final pass of the car keys.


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