Strategic Marketing understands the importance of moving your data fast and effortlessly while maintaining data security. After all, it’s your dealership’s most valuable asset. This understanding is why Strategic Marketing has become certified by Autosoft. Improving your customer’s experience is their #1 priority.

Strategic Marketing has made a considerable investment in its Predictive Analytics and Data System and has blossomed into an industry leader as a result. They go way beyond simply pulling a vehicle count in a given area. They provide the insight needed by marketers by using thousands of data points. Discovering the most profitable opportunities that exist inside and outside a dealership’s DMS helps increase the sales and service ROI.

Strategic Marketing’s more than 20 years of marketing experience allows them to approach data mining from a “marketing perspective,” not just as a tool for data mining. Therefore, their results are producing the highest ROI in the space. That is why they developed EMPOWER: A new way of automated data mining using outside market opportunities and your database.

EMPOWER is designed to be an easy-to-use platform that communicates to your lower funnel leads, requiring minimal effort from the dealership. Based off Strategic Marketing’s Predictive Analytics and Data System, EMPOWER can identify purchase behaviors and send communications at the right time. Empower takes less than 15 minutes of training and automatically communicates with your customers and prospects every month.

With EMPOWER, your leads will respond to you with less time and less effort required, while generating more revenue for your dealership.

To learn more about Strategic Marketing, visit, email, or call 800.799.8633.

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