The automotive retail industry continues to see a lot of change, and this year will be no different.

In this environment, dealers with a clear view of their own market’s unique dynamics are able to make the best decisions. With 14,000+ participating franchises, only J.D. Power has the scale to give dealers daily insights into their specific market.

PowerDealer is a FREE web-based market intelligence tool that provides dealers with actionable decision tools with data updated daily. Don’t wait until after month-end to find out how your store compares to the same brand in your market. With PowerDealer, you can set transparent benchmarks for your team, identify model-level profits, price and turn rates for new- and used- vehicles, and understand how the market is structuring deals.

Your entire dealership team can benefit from the actionable insights provided within the tool in order to make better business decisions that ultimately drive profit, including:

  • “In 30 seconds, I can see if my dealership is on plan for the month.” – General Manager
  • “I compare my inventory performance to my competition.” – New Car Manager
  • “I identify the most profitable and fastest turning used-vehicles in my market.” – Used Car Manager
  • “I use it to help geo-target my communications.” – Marketing Manager
  • “I compare my F&I performance against my competition.” – F&I Manager
  • “I monitor my NADA 20 Group every day.” – NADA 20 Group Member

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