Dealer-FX is transforming how consumers interact with automotive brands and their retailers. Their customer experience management platform uses advanced data analysis and mobile applications to deliver convenience, transparency, and trust to consumers, and increased efficiency, profitability, retention, and brand loyalty to OEMs and dealers.

Dealer-FX’s core offering, ONE Platform, is comprised of seven components, which, along with the Service Dashboard, manage the entire service experience from initial contact through drive-off and next visit. It delivers the best dealer service experience. Period.

Dealer-FX Service Dashboard
Service Dashboard gives you control over dealership workflow and creates a more consistent process.
Dealer-FX Customer Connect
Customer Connect is a Service CRM built for dealers that use OEM and customer data to generate custom campaigns and call scripts.
Dealer-FX Online Scheduler
Online and BDC scheduling can book service appointments 24/7 based on time slots, dates, and advisors’ availability.
Dealer-FX Appointment Manager
Appointment Manager provides a powerful dashboard that includes the status of each appointment for the day.
Dealer-FX Check-in
Check-in gives advisors the information they need, when they need it—even if they’re away from their desks.
Dealer-FX Inspect
Technician Inspection gives technicians multiple layers of customer data to ensure they have all the information they need to get the job done right and as quickly as possible.
Dealer-FX Inspect Engage
Transparent inspection results allow customers to review and approve technician recommendations on their mobile devices.
Dealer-FX Check-out
EasyPay lets your customers skip the cashier’s office by giving them payment options on the drive.
Dealer-FX Retain
Service marketing from Dealer-FX tailors communication to each customer’s situation and preference, making it easy for customers to return.


Why Choose Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform?

It’s time to meet the rising bar of customer expectations and deliver a completely digital service experience. ONE Platform transforms the customer experience to become simple, fast,
and frictionless through the entire ownership cycle. It includes:

  • Transformation of your customer experience with their 100% mobile platform, driving improvements in CSI and customer retention.
  • Seamless integration with OEM systems and data, plus certified integration with 23 DMS providers.
  • A single source of truth in the Service Dashboard that lets you see every vehicle at each stage of service, providing visibility to bottlenecks while driving efficiency and throughput.
  • A 7-step consulting process that consistently generates strong results, proven in 2,500 dealerships.

Autosoft Integration With Dealer-FX

Autosoft’s Connect Certified Data Access provides a set of interfaces that enable Dealer-FX to directly send and retrieve data on a real-time basis with Autosoft’s DMS.

Dealers using Autosoft’s DMS can now manage their service department operations using the Dealer-FX ONE Platform without manual intervention on the Autosoft side. This partnership simplifies the repair order and scheduling process for dealers by enabling them to automatically push appointments and ROs originated from Dealer-FX ONE Platform solution into Autosoft’s DMS, as well as pull appointments, contact information, and vehicle information originated in the DMS.

Autosoft Integration Benefits

Autosoft Connect delivers full-fledged, seamless bi-directional integration that enables the service team to simply and quickly use a tablet device to access the customer’s information and vehicle history with minimal double-data-entry.

Our new integration offers the following enhancements:

  • Full-Service Appointments Integration
    • Autosoft dealerships can now integrate service appointments from the Dealer-FX application into Autosoft’s DMS and, in turn, DMS appointments will appear in the Dealer-FX application. Where applicable, this process captures the correct mileage, OP Codes, pricing, customer, and vehicle details.
    • Autosoft’s DMS version 7.5.2 or later enables web appointments pushed from Dealer-FX to be placed automatically on the schedule without manual intervention.
    • This two-way appointment sharing ensures that both schedules are in sync to help prevent overbooking.
  • RO Push Improvements
    • As part of this enhancement, appointments can now be directly associated with corresponding repair orders when the repair is pushed from the Dealer-FX application. This workflow ensures DMS appointments are flagged as “open” once the vehicle shows up for service and the RO is created.
    • As part of this enhancement, service advisors will no longer be required to use the Import button to transmit the RO from Dealer-FX to Autosoft’s DMS. Instead, the integration between the two applications allows Dealer-FX to populate the active RO list with the new repair order.
  • DMS Customer Search
    • Automatically search for the customer by First Name, Last Name, Email, or VIN in Autosoft if not found in Dealer-FX.
    • Customers can also be searched by VIN on demand from Advisor Check-in and Appointment Manager to provide advisors and BDC personnel with the most up-to-date customer/vehicle information at their fingertips.

Expertly manage every customer touch point and take control of the entire service process.

Get Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform today, which includes comprehensive on-site consulting and support by the best team in the business.

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