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Confident Financial Solutions (CFS) offers auto repair financing to your service centers and your customers to help you increase service drive activity, increase revenue, and enhance overall customer retention.

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CFS provides a valuable alternative to credit card financing resulting in immediate access to capital for you. With loan amounts up to $7,500, affordable fixed term payments, and a simple process that can be completed on a smart phone, tablet, or PC, the CFS auto repair finance program is the consumer’s choice for their auto repair financing needs.

Many CFS strategic partner service centers see a 20 percent increase in monthly revenues, an increase in ROs overall, and a decrease in service declines. Service centers also see bigger ticket ROs, as customers can now complete all recommended repairs; the program will even cover insurance deductibles with payment occurring in 24-48 hours.

For more information about CFS’s solutions, please contact CFS at 203.206.3149 or visit

To read more about the CFS and Autosoft integration, read our new press release here.

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