AutoAlert shows automotive dealerships that there is a better way to do business.

Our industry-leading data-mining platform and software solutions create high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention for dealerships.

The platform easily integrates with Autosoft DMS, and literally gives salespeople fingertip access to credible transaction opportunities that make their jobs substantially easier.

That’s because AutoAlert has its finger on the pulse of auto-consumer data and shopping trends. Our products make the process of getting a customer into a dealership’s doors—the single most significant overhead expenditure for dealerships—simple.

By applying our patented, predictive algorithms to data in your DMS, and factoring in real-time OEM incentive data and consumer shopping behavior, we determine and deliver opportunities that convert more often and result in higher gross profits. Our approach includes multi-channel marketing as well as service-to-sales solutions. In the service lane, the alerts that salespeople receive provide opportunities for profitable trade-ins, as well as lease and warranty renewals, that keep customers coming back and ensure your sales, service, and F&I departments are kept busy.

Our team of 350-plus employees, with headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., and offices in Irvine, CA., and Boston, MA., are here to guide your AutoAlert experience and help you do business better.

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