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Getting to Know Us

As a leader in automotive retailing, you know your business VERY well. You know the market. You know the numbers. You know OEM requirements. You know where you’ve come from. And, you know exactly where you want to go. But, how well do you know your DMS provider?

Here’s one thing you should know: your DMS is either a key to your success or the catalyst to your failure. Whether we are already your partner in business or you’re considering a switch, we want to help you get to know us.

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Mobile Technology Is Key for Your Millennial Buyers

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaming up with my daughter on her quest to buy her first new car. She’d just landed a full-time teaching gig in Virginia, so she could afford to trade in her used Chevy Aveo for something new. Like most young Millennials, she began the buying process online. She determined which brands, models, and packages she wanted to see and had a general understanding of what she could afford. After much research, we were off to the showrooms.

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The Value of Video Learning

Is video learning beneficial? Absolutely! It’s almost seven times more beneficial than documents or articles alone. Seven times! Stimulating both audio and visual senses gives the mind far less time to wander, and helps maintain focus. Successful learning videos commonly do these 3 things:

  1. Grab attention within the first 8 seconds.
  2. Keep it short (3 minutes or less).
  3. Engage the viewer. A good instructional video can make ANY content come to life.

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