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How to Create a Technician Retention Plan – Part 1: Training

With the shortage of qualified technicians in the workforce, not only is it daunting to find good candidates for hire, but your competitors, who are facing the same issue, are working harder to recruit the qualified technicians you already have. In Part I of this series, find out how different training strategies can help you retain your technicians.

How to Create a Technician Retention Plan – Part 2: Growing

In Part II of this series, examine how growing your technicians from the ground up—from students and interns to top technicians—can help you retain your technicians.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Gross Profits With Integrated Technology

Discover how collaboration tools, mobile applications, unified integration, and other technology, can help you save 15-90 minutes per deal and boost customer satisfaction at your dealership.

Creating a Sweet Spot for You and Your Customers: Part 1

Improving transaction times still tops most automotive dealers’ lists of challenges in the car business. But some have found hitting a “sweet spot”—where a better, faster buying experience meets higher closing rations and gross profits—easier to achieve than first thought. Find out how some dealers are creating that sweet spot.

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