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Win more business with a comprehensive credit history view and regulatory safeguard checks that protect your dealership.

What is 700Credit?

When you partner with 700Credit, you gain access to a comprehensive compliance and credit reporting solution that can help you win more business and protect your dealership. 700Credit makes securing financing and required customer data for vehicle sales more efficient and thorough, minimizing risk to your dealership while helping you maximize profits. Access all 700Credit solutions from your performance dashboard in a single click—directly from within Autosoft FLEX F&I. Registration is easy, and you can pay as you go with exclusive pricing for Autosoft customers.

700Credit integrates with your Autosoft FLEX DMS data in real time, ensuring your information is regularly refreshed.

How 700Credit is improving business for your peers

In 2012, the average U.S. new car dealership spent $182,754 to comply with 61 major federal mandates governing employment, business operations, vehicle financing, sales, marketing, vehicle repair, and maintenance, according to a study commissioned by NADA (Automotive News. May 30, 2014). With 700Credit, dealerships can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars each year on these compliance costs.

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