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Director of Product Development
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor

Phil leads a team of developers who build the most innovative software for dealerships.

He manages software engineering, production IT, and infrastructure teams. An important part of Phil’s role is to understand what the product team envisions for our customers and then develop software solutions to meet those needs. Within his teams, Phil empowers everyone to make important decisions that impact the next generation of dealership software.

Phil’s Timeline

Phil Taylor Career TimelineQ&A

Q: What excites you most about Autosoft?
A: I’ve attended many NADA Conventions & Expos and have seen firsthand how technology has taken over the automotive industry. So, we are attacking the auto industry differently—we spend a bigger focus shaping our DMS into the best user’s experience, like adding mobile capabilities.

Q: What is unique about Autosoft’s company culture?
A: At Autosoft, every person has a voice. We work as a team to create solutions, and everyone has a vote in the project.

Q: What is the best benefit from Autosoft?
A: Autosoft offers four committees focused on wellness, family, safety, and the community. My employees and I enjoy being involved with them. Speaking of community, I’m looking forward to my day off to volunteer—Autosoft offers VTO time!

Q: What is your best advice for anyone applying for a position at Autosoft?
A: Besides your skill set, intangibles are also very important. During the interview process, ask yourself: Am I going to be a good fit within the culture? Do I work well in collaborative environments?

Every day is a fun challenge, and we get to develop the best technology in the best environment.

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