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Business Development Center Specialist
Lindsey A from Autosoft
Lindsey A from Autosoft
Lindsey A from Autosoft

Lindsey connects with dealerships to learn more about them and ensure they would be a good fit for our product and service offerings.

As part of the business development group, she plays a vital role in the beginning of the sales cycle, generating leads and researching specific dealerships. Lindsey contacts dealerships through phone, email, and social media methods. She also works closely with the sales and marketing groups to track and find leads.

Lindsey A Career Timeline


Q: How is Autosoft different than anywhere else you’ve worked?
A: I’d have to say, hands down, the culture and management are the best. Autosoft has a blend of managers who care about your opinions and concerns. The culture is phenomenal—employees here are valued for their hard work and encouraged to be social.

Q: What is important to know about working at Autosoft?
A: Autosoft hires the best of the best, and it shows. We have fun but, behind it all, we work hard.

Q: What is your position at Autosoft?
A: I’m part of business development, so I help generate leads. I make the initial contact with dealership employees who are interested in our solutions. I gather information over the phone and research the dealership to make sure they’re a great fit with us. It’s an important part of the sales team!

Q: What challenges might a new employee face?
A: If a new employee has limited experience in the automotive industry, it may take longer to feel like you have a grip on our industry and audience. However, Autosoft does offer many opportunities to learn about the automotive industry to help you catch up.

Q: What is your favorite office tradition?
A: I’m a competitor and enjoy participating in our activities, like cook-offs, decorating competitions, and costume contests. Most of our activities include food and prizes!

I take great joy in talking to potential customers and finding the next dealership to be part of the Autosoft family.

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