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Accounting Team Lead of Support and Training
Daniel Bottenfield
Daniel Bottenfield
Daniel Bottenfield

Dan ensures that customers get the most out of their software by answering support calls and training team members.

He specializes in accounting, but also answers questions within other modules—like Parts, Service, and F&I—that integrate with Accounting. In his role, Dan leads eight accounting support team members and also fields questions from the training team. Dan also attends the annual NADA Convention & Expo and shows attendees demos of how to best use Autosoft’s accounting module.

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Q: How do you help customers within your role?
A: Every day I help customers use their accounting module more efficiently. As a team lead, I answer customer calls and provide second and third tier support. Customers may ask me how to print specific reports or what the steps are to close the month and send financial statements to manufacturers. If a customer has a complex question that our front line support team cannot answer, I get to research and find the answer. I then walk the customer the solution. It’s a win-win—I enjoy problem solving, and they get a great customer service experience!

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: The people. I really enjoy mentoring new associates and helping them along the way. I am also known as the answer guy around the office with our software or just in general too—I always have an answer!

Q: Is there one day at Autosoft that really stands out?
A: Yes. I was at our annual NADA Expo, sitting down with a customer to review their accounting books, and saw unusual accounting activity. I researched and found the root of the problem. The customer was extremely happy that I found the cause of their missing money and I enjoyed researching to find the solution!

Q: How else do you get involved at Autosoft?
A: I enjoy participating in our Autosoft Cares Committee programs. I give blood when we have drives in the office. My family has even participated in events with me—we recently cleaned up Buhl Park and made it nice for the community again.

Q: What is your best advice for anyone applying for a position at Autosoft?
A: For a support position, really absorb your second interview. You’ll be able to grasp a good understanding of the support role. While you’re in the office that day, ask a lot of questions and make sure you understand the traits and characteristics of an outstanding support person. Then ask yourself if you’ll be able to deliver first rate support.

On a daily basis, I get to connect with our customers, whether it be finding solutions or sharing our next generation of software.

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