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Quality Assurance/Business Analyst Manager
Andrea Harvey
Andrea Harvey
Andrea Harvey

Andrea defines and tests software functionalities to help make customers’ daily job tasks easier.

She manages a team of ten quality assurance/business analysts, and as a team they write software requirements—such as workflow and screen designs—based on our customers’ functionality needs. After the development team creates the software, Andrea and her team test it to ensure it meets requirements and performs as promised for our customers.

Andrea’s Timeline

Andrea Harvey Career Timeline


Q: How do you help customers within your role?
A: I get to design functions that help our customers do their daily tasks better and easier, whether that is creating a new feature or enhancing their current software functions.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: My team. I enjoy mentoring my team and seeing them develop their ideas. It all starts with an idea, then it goes to paper, and then, in the end we’ve created a new functionality that helps the customer.

Q: How else do you get involved at Autosoft?
A: I’ve been a member of the Autosoft Cares Committee for three years. Charity work is important to me—I really enjoy planning the community events at Autosoft.

Q: What is unique about Autosoft’s company culture?
A: The casual dress and laid back environment is very important to me. As a result, I think my team is more productive and stress free.

Q: What is your best advice for anyone applying for a position at Autosoft?
A: Think about your work characteristics. Are you passionate about your work? Do you enjoy a collaborative atmosphere? If so, then Autosoft would be a good fit for you.

I’ve worked at Autosoft for 14 years. A decade ago, I started a job with co-workers and today, I have a career that I share with my family.

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