Did you know that only 5% of résumés make it to the screening process? Here are some tips to help yours make the grade.

1. Include a cover letter.

Cover letters are important. A cover letter is your opportunity to talk about yourself and promote yourself as a perfect match for the position. Résumés are black and white, but your cover letter is a great way to be creative, promote your personality, and show you are a good cultural fit for Autosoft.

2. Be professional.

Your résumé is a reflection of you. If you are using a colorful or inappropriate email address, change it.  You can request a new email address from services like Google or Microsoft for free. Pictures are not necessary on résumés.

3. Tailor your résumé.

Résumés should be tailored to the position you are applying for. If you don’t take the time to individualize your résumé for Autosoft, you probably won’t be considered for the position.

4. Match your LinkedIn profile to your résumé.

Most organizations, including Autosoft, consider your LinkedIn profile the same as your formal résumé. So, any mistakes or inconsistencies should be corrected before applying for the position.

5. Remember grammar and spelling.

Résumés need to be perfect in their use of both grammar and spelling. Unfortunately, more than 50% of résumés received at Autosoft are disqualified immediately due to common errors. Word processing software is not entirely reliable, so make sure you have someone check your work—and then check it again yourself.

6. Choose the right skills.

Focus on skills that are relevant to the position and both tangible and measurable. “Friendly,” “customer focused,” and “energetic” are not skills but requirements for the job.